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(This feature is updated every several days at the main page for This is more like an archive page now in case anyboby is reading.) 

This picture explains my belief about the war efforts. And this interactive gif from Cursor sort of sums up the reality of  our current political system.
12 Reasons Why The War on Iraq is Wrong and from same writers: More Gripes About Ari

Completely Frightening Followup to Government's Incredibly Stupid Drug Paraphenalia Busts (Seems like the government can just take your website whenever it wants to after you've been charged. No need for a conviction. Just a charge...)
Stunning Piece by Kurzweil About The Future of the Body And Related Piece About the Future of the Human Body
Long List of Bush Lies
How The United States Could Lose It's Superpower Status Fairly Quickly (Feels Tabloidly But It's Kinda Cool...)
Throbbing Rocking Acid Jazz Online Television from the Guerilla News Network (Oliver: Take Notes...)
Frightening Robert Fisk About Perfunctory Censorship at the Corporate Media
Here's a Predictably Optimistic Piece on Fuel Cells by the Futurepundit
Here's A Guy Who Isn't As Optimistic About the Hydrogen Economy
The Writer of the Above Link Runs This Site



There's a new and very impressive Alan Moore tribute site put out by Jose Carlos Neves. Check out the gallery and the links. You will need Babelfish though.

New Reviews of Cory Doctorow's "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" (uncut version here). And here's a review of Steven Barnes' "Charisma". (uncut version here) Plus, I think I throw in a few words about the Animatrix.
Here's a nice essay about biotech in space. I'm of the opinion that we could handle space better anyway after 10 years of progress in biotech and nan. By that time, Highlift could be ready to go.
Why America Doesn't Work So Well My non Atlantic Monthly opinion? A completely corrupted democracy mixed in with a corporate media that refuses, and oftentimes can't, reasonably and responsibly question Power and Capital.
Cool Story About the Evolution of Gaming Over at Slate

The Bad Boy of Cosmology (Thinks Einstein Got it Wrong)
It's the Oil, Stupid (Part One)

It's the Privatized Water, Stupid (There are many horrific parts to this tale...)
It's the Oil, Stupid (Part Two)

Depressing Hentoff About Our New Hidden Killer Drones In The Sky (Related Israeli Killer Drone when abroad I s'pose...)
It's the Oil, Stupid (Part Three) (And we were kidding about that Democracy thing...)

artshows98ashropshire.jpg (24366 bytes)

My beautiful and talented half-sister Alicia Shropshire draws stuff!

And by draw, she actually uses these things called...brushes? Chalk? No Photoshop. Well...I suppose that can be done. I also have a beautiful and talented half-brother named Christopher but he doesn't draw and apparently he hasn't heard of blogger yet despite being a sociology major. Alicia can also be seen acting in a very embarassing play, and by embarassing I mean embarassing to me because I'm such a conservative prude.

(Buy my nudie art!)

In other news:

The Creative Commons and Genomics
Great Ted Rall Piece About College Loan Debacle (China actually listed it as a human rights abuse...!)
Sex Sex Sex Columns Over at Better Humans (I'm working on two pieces Simon hold your horses!)
Over at the Better Humans as well: Environmentalists Oppose Wind Farms. Two words: Frellin' Insane. You know, we probably don't have to kill people for fossil fuels. But we need alternative fuels. It's wind. How's that song go? Making it real compared to what? Compared to fossil fuels?
Complete List of Crazy Shuttle Theories
Pro Globalization Piece by Better Humans columnist/Marxist James Hughes (sorta)
US Bars Foreign Scientists. This is not good. Our high tech industries would keel over and die without foreign talent. We have the talent in this country we simply aren't interested in developing it. We want dumb consumers, not independent thinking scientists.
Two links about broadband over powerlines, here and here. Lordy let it be true. Competition at last...
Centenarians Have An Extra Gene Mutation
French Make Stem Cell Advance
No Sweatshops for Schools

This is part of what was covered up at the UN. Picasso's anti-war painting "Guernica".


What Mars Used to Look Like With Water

Shuttle Stories:

Weird Purple Streak (Tinfoil Hat Speculation: Alien Blue Light Fire and/or French Missile...)
New Easterbrook Article at Time (Dismantle the Shuttle)
Meanest Shuttle Commentary Over At Quark Soup (Dismantle the Shuttle even more...!)
You're probably right. Nuclear powered ships are better. But can we please not use the shuttle? Let's wait ten years for that space elevator fellas. No messy radioactive residue from Blue Light Alien Fire explosions, please.

There's also a must listen at Democracy Now, which goes into warnings that NASA ignored, how the shuttle may have been carrying radioactive ingredients and a spokesman from the group Space 4 Peace, which apparently is not related to Peace for Space. I agree that sending nuclear materials into space with current propulsion tech is a bad idea. But I didn't agree that we shouldn't colonize Mars! I've stated my Leftists for Space position here. In fact, noted 3 River Tech punching bag Glenn Reynolds noted it recently. Thanks Glenn, he said through a great knashing of teeth. I'm going to have to call or email Democracy Now and offer to be That Crazy Leftist for Space Exploration.

This is truly science fictional. (thanks Die Puny Humans). I look at this and I feel future shocked. Just stir in some jetpacks, the aircars and My Name...Is...Neo! Keep in mind that this is just the initial crappy version. You'll have stealth mode in a few years. It looks like it could be a kind of art. I could buy seven of these and flash continuous montages of my art, websites, music videos...shocking.

Moving Ideas is another fine American Prospect publication. It looks to provide deep background facts and figures from what I can tell.
Yet Another Rifkin Pro Hydrogen Piece

And: Here's a nightmarish piece about how Hydrogen could be centralized and fueled by gas, nuclear fission and coal. No wonder Bush likes it.
Appell (Quark Soup) on How Science Can Save the World

And: Here's a comprehensive piece by the Etc. Group about how Nan Might Destroy the World. (Dismantle those assemblers...if ever they're built.) The paper has a very poetic band name by the way. "Ladies and Gentlemen, from Luddite Europe, they don't believe in electric amps, the devil's tongue, so listen hard...And let's get really small for 'The Big Down'!"
And Now For Something Completely Different: Terry Jones Takes on the Silly Pro-War Parties....Ok, we lose Hitchens, but we get Terry Jones? It's a fair cop. (Thanks Oliver)
A site, long overdue, that ties together trends in technology and social justice. Thanks
Sassafrass. (For example: The American Left should support the Open Spectrum Movement, and wifi, and broadband competition...)
Related Molly Ivins Piece on our Evil FCC

Ton of good stories from Daily Wireless, or Wi Fi News which I refuse to update:

Why Wi Fi is the Way
Outline of the Rising Strength of the Chinese Hi Tech Sector
Yet Another National Summary of Wi Fi Progress
Broadband Piece With This Great Line:
"The Revolution Will Be Blogged"

First Animated short film from the Animatrix has been released. It's impressive. More over at Majic 12. Short version: This is the Al Jazeera  maybe we had it coming version. People are bad. A lot of the robots look like our friend below. Geoff must be story boardin' again. It's very good, intense.


wpeE.jpg (23470 bytes)

The local Pittsburgh protests were pretty successful. You get 5000 people out on a cold wintry day...That's organizin'. By the way, the photos and stories come by way of Pittsburgh Indy Media. I'm beginning to like them more and more everyday. They need funding though and professionals.  Also: some of those folks laid out in the cold for three hours. I use to canvass in zero degree weather but I had to keep moving. That looks rough...It should be noted that the completely sold out corporate paper, Scaife's Tribune Review, didn't seem fit to mention the protest on its front pages. Channel 4 and the Post Gazette did a much better job.

Everybody Must Get Cloned

Sen. Byron Dorgan Believes in Hydrogen (Even if the Future of Now Seems to be Hybrids, sellin' like hotcakes, as predicted by pinko lefties for years now...Thank God we're ceding this business to the Japanese...)

Okay, this is absolutely the best cover of Zappa's "Peaches En Regalia". The band is called Oucho Sparks and if you check out their downloads it's a pretty ambitious band. I guess that would be par for a band that does the very challenging Zappa covers.

Addin' some sites: Union of Concerned Scientists, Gravity Blog (Said some nice things about my Better Humans Piece and has some news on a Philippe Druillet project.), Defense, and Behind the Homefront

There's a great new Vonnegut interview (thanks Atrios) over at In These Times. I have never forgotten the lesson of the foma. And I have always yearned to be in the man's karass.

New Wired is out. The essential stories include: very good yet disturbing Bruce Sterling piece about a networked riot in Florence Italy, interview with Robert Preston about bio-plagues, review of new Gibson novel by fellow Mirrorshades alumnus and pal (is that ethical?) Rudy Rucker,

...the very scary genetically altered supermouse, and why Kazaa is still kicking when Napster went belly up (short version: multinational decentralization, tax havens and ruthless planning...), oh, don't forget to be frightened by very scary New Mutant photo of Kazaa head Nikki Hemming.

Story About Walking Bots (Look: some of us really really want the walking bots mixed in with Peta it? Let's get to work fellas...)


Speaking of the Matrix, not only will the two films be coming out this year, but there's a compilation of intense anime shorts being prepared called What is the Animatrix. Check out the Superbowl and the Animatrix clips here. The evil AIs who run the site won't let you link to pages, so you have to search them out. And oh yeah: They're still doing comics over at the site as well. The above is the work of the great artist Geoff Darrow.


And back to Philippe. The Larch.

Now, here's a science blog that Virginia Postrel, Mother of Satan, likes. Last time, I took link advice from Virginia I was introduced to the Great Rationalizer of Republican Evil. Well, let's give it a try.

Technical Yet Interesting Post About Possible
Immortality Treatment

Here's more on why Nanosys could be the next big thing. It looks like Nanosys might be the closest players to using Nan to make Solar cheap and affordable. That means we wouldn't have to kill anybody in Iraq, unless you're evil, greedy oilmen who have hijacked the leadership of the most powerful nation on Earth, of course. And here's more about their company. The PDF reproduces a Nan tech letter for free that usually goes for $50.

Here's List of DMCA Evils (Plenty to Go Around)
Some Ripping Anti-War Poetry From Counterpunch
Depressing Assessment of Pro Choice Realities

Speaking of choice, new Get Your War On comics are oddly related.

Here's one from Indy Alt Press Veterans. If Indy Media ever gets funding, then this is what it should strive for.

Nice NPR rant from Sam Smith. Check out the articulate line about what propaganda is.

I actually found all kinds of versions of Peaches En Regalia MP3s done by other bands. Here's a version from a Philly band called Aftershock--they've got the Mahavishnu lineup...(!). Here's another band's version. The band is called Bogus Pomp. In fact, they have a whole damn page of Zappa covers.  And no I don't think Barking Pumpkin sends out a lot of "Cease and Desist" orders. Speaking of the official Zappa page, that's here. They usually have a Zappa tune in the background.

Here are some interesting pics from Saturday's protest:

Street Theatre TV...

And there's this:

Our Leaders...

I thought the best commentary came from Max Sawicky, who was there. He takes two devastating shots at Instapundit here and here. And Atrios takes a shot at Glenn as well, always good fun. And Oliver, bloggin' up a storm lately as befits his celebrity status, takes on the ANSWER Smearers.

Meanwhile, back at the Transhumanist Future, James Hughes has written a very compelling piece over at Better Humans. He too is pushing the correct idea that technology thrives in democratic societies. He actually elaborates on this more in this essay. (My Fave line: "avante garde minorities.") Like me, James is also a charter member of the Ministry of Extraneous and Ironic Links. Check out his Pac Man link. It's not nearly as cool as my "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" link the week before, but hey, we can't all be gifted.

Also at Better Humans:

Nanotech Becoming Real
Swiss Direct Democracy Uses Internet Voting (They already have direct democracy...need to look at this.)

wpeE.jpg (37840 bytes)

(computer art by Le Phil' Shropshire)

My evil cousin Todd Jackson (seen above), who will cut off his left nipple will lactate to write for Front Page, is some sort of Bizarro world political version of myself ("Me Am Far Right Wing Conservative Pundit and me know Horowitz am decent guy....!").  But just because you're a neo-fascist that doesn't mean that you can't write well, as James Lileks proves to us everyday. Check out Todd's intense poetry.


Dr. Seuss Advertising Art (Was He Channeling Future Biotech ads...hmmmm "More Human Than Human" Indeed)

wpe2B.jpg (4556 bytes)

Like Magneto, the Transtopians know a war is coming and they know what side they're on...

My New Red Hour Orgy column is up at Better Humans. (Link here for appropriately geeky Star Trek allusion.) Simon actually made my piece better with his editing--I'm far too egotistical to admit that often--but here's a good line that made the Big Time. For the right effect, imagine something triumphal in the background like Zappa's "Peaches En Regalia" and my voice rising in pitch:

"In fact, I'm of the firm belief that for the Transhumanist dream to ever be fully realized, there has to be the creation of a new cultural and constitutional framework to contain it. As a result of this, we may find that the most important contribution to the world that Transhumanists could make -- by way of new constitutions, new countries, new discoveries, even new ways of living -- is not just a self-directed evolution of the body, but of the body politic itself."

And he edited out these bits:

Hail Ceasar! Khan Will Rise Again!
Kneel Before Zod!

A number of good stories at MIT Technology Review:

Interview with Pro Biotech Guy Gregory Stock
Top 10 Emerging Technologies, plus long analysis from Future Pundit guy

At Wired: Power Lines might work at delivering broadband. Had seen mixed results on this. Would be a great boost for broadband in the United States.

At Edge: All the responses to this question (A fake email from President George Bush asking for scientific advice, as opposed to the more realistic inquiry of how to suppress revolutionary change...Oh, I've got a few things to tell him...) were interesting. But I thought Ray Kurzweil provided the best answer.

Here's an interesting profile of Indian software giant WIPRO.

Couple of good stories from Daily Wireless: Why Broadband costs so much, FCC Censorship, and a roundup of Public Telco projects


Nope. There's not enough Phillippe Druillet on the Internet.

wpeE.jpg (3925 bytes)


Cory Doctorow just released his first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, online for free. That's free. Now that's walking the walk...Some of us cowar--, uhh, "interested observers" will see how this works and also take another look at the Creative Commons license. (Gutsy move.)

William Gibson, or his Artificial Construct, now has a blog. For those of you complete drooling illiterates who haven't heard of him, I strongly recommend Burning Chrome, because I think he wears better in shorter bursts. I'm also shocked, just shocked (You mean...the president lies!?) to report that his blog features Heavyweight World-Class prose:

"Afterward, walking back to my hotel along one of the safer thoroughfares crossing the heroin-drifted maze of the Barrio Chino (you can tell them because they have lights, Christmas decorations, and policemen) I wished that I had been able to more clearly describe, for Alberto, the level of technology that this book/PDA/download business has always conjured up for me.

The Borgesian meta-library contains a copy of every book ever written, but my dream-artifact is already, and always, every book every written, on demand -- yet feels, looks, and even smells exactly like an ordinary hardcover book. Only the content is protean. That simple. The end of the world as we know it, and a good read every single night."

Tale of Maverick Biotech, Fluent in Several Fields, Is Modifying Bacteria
Plan To Oust Saddam That Doesn't Require Mass Genocide

Logic Breaks through the Gates: Electrolite Returns Its Comments
But I'll Be Back Posting in January...2004!


Is There Something to this Rechargeable Car Story?
Center for Medical Consumers

Solar Power company claims 80 percent efficiency (current rate is 17 percent or so...). I think this is fake. Was fooled by the Entropic Energy company. Not this time. I'm older and wiser now. Besides, my favorite pie-in-the-sky company remains BlackLight Power. And if the technology doesn't work, they can always trademark it as a pedestrian Jazz Rock band name.

Speaking of unteneble and highly dubious tech claims, I was over at American Antigravity dotcom and found these silly ass interesting companies. I'm going to let The Supervillain Troupe of Players Introduce these wondrous new products, must haves for any decent Lair of Evil mind you...




"Die Puny Humans (!), bow before the unmatched might of my Vortex Thruster! Bhahahaha etc..."

"What's that Mister Fantastic? You mock me? Then tremble before the glory and power that is the Lifter 4...! And yes I think a war for oil is perfectly reasonable, although I do admire Saddam's methods, I mean, here in Latvia blah blah blah"



Goldfinger sez: "Ahhh, Mr. Bond, of course I support a war with Iraq and I don't think that George Bush is a dumb man. And wait until you see my nefarious plans for Personal Flight Systems...No I don't expect to show you the product Mr. Bond, I expect you to die...!"

wpe2D.jpg (11805 bytes)

(Separated at Birth?)

Evil Glenn: "Yeah, well I see your little joke. Har har. How humorous. I think there's a difference between myself, The Great Rationalizer of Republican Evil and General Zod. Afterall, General Zod never offered an intelligent rationale for his conquest of the Planet Houston.  Where, in Iraq, who we're going to smoke (unless they have weapons of mass destruction, which they shouldn't, because we want the invasion to be fun n' easy, besides, nobody lies to us...We're the good guys...), it's uh, well, let me take my Hovercraft over to Zod's so I can clarify my position...Indeed."

And now for something completely different: Hot Stick Figure Porn Action!
(From the Sinister Doc Menlo's Sensual Liberation Army)



Have a Happy New Year From The Good Folks at Three River Tech Review! (It's Got To Be Better Than Last Year, Possible Nuclear Exchanges Notwithstanding...)

By the way, those guys in the space suits will probably be European if the EU has its way. Check out this site and this invaluable checklist of technologies that could aid space travel.
Yet Another Great Kurt Nimmo Piece About How The Government Could Attempt to Subvert the Net (Bonus points: check out his throwaway reference to a great Joe Haldeman book...) Also: Good Piece Over At Counterpunch. He Also Has A Cool Blog Called Another Day in the Empire
Atrios Has Insulted Pejman Pundit (implying that he's a nimrod and a partisan hack, well-known truths..).You Are Hereby Permalinked!

Photo of Catpower Lead Vocalist Chan Marshall: You must check out this MP3. It's beautiful. It's called He War. Note the Haunting "Hey Hey Heys" near the middle of the piece...You must listen! You must! There are also other new posts over at my long undisturbed Majic 12 Blog...
Mississippi Project Where Computers Are Built For Every Schoolkid

New Genetically Engineered Protato Developed By Indian Biotechs (Not clear, but it looks nonproprietary and has no multinational development behind it...)

Here's My Debut Column at Better Humans
Don Hazen's Depressing Year in Review

The Warbloggers Justifiers Have A Political Message By the Way: "They Believe, They Judge, They Kill"...Now, who would that describe...? I'm continuing in the vein of great comics artists. Jack Kirby This Week, Steve Ditko last  week...

Took The Science Fiction Test And I'm Ursula LeGuin, Who Recently Led A Peace March in Seattle...Must Be Accurate





Ursula, by the way, is a stunningly great writer. Find her incredible fictional denunciation of the Vietnam War The Word For World is Forest (Anthologized in Dangerous Visions) and I also recommend her creepy erudite anthology of science fiction stories: The Compass Rose

A Few From Future Pundit: Homegrown Kidneys (If it can be replicated easily, no more transplants...) and a nice post about Human Life Extension
On A Related Note: New Science Blog Debuts
China Racing To Become Leader in Genomic Research
(What? Isn't the Kass Commission Wisely Attempting to Stop Them As Well?)
On Related Note: Dopey Anti-Science, Anti-Intellectual Kass Commission Works to Countervail Important Stanford Research...Sigh.

Update: From New Better Humans Website...
Why Leon Kass Wants You To Die

Osama May Already Have Suitcase Nukes (From Indispensable Unknown News)
Big Evil United States Wrecks Efforts For Poor Countries To Get Cheap AIDs Drugs

(Reason 45,673 as to Why They Hate Us, Justifiably...)
Great Follow The Money Site From The Guy or Gal
Behind Cursor

Red Herring Piece on Plastics Rising
Scientists Warn That Biotech Could Be Used for
Nefarious Ends
(Haven't These Guys Ever Read Ribofunk (Paul Di Filippo) or even Egan's "The Moral Virologist"?)

Great Classic Steve Ditko Cover Which Is Inarguably About
Total Information Awareness

Related Note: Comics Journal Blog Not Just Best Comics Blog, But a Great Blog, period.
Harry Potter Seen Through India's Eyes
Interesting Debate Between Pro Open Source and Anti Open Source Side at Conservative and Objectively Pro Global Warming Mag Tech Central Station
Left Answer to Right Wing Think Tanks
(Now if they could only get a network of their own...)

Ivan Illich, of Deschooling Society Fame and one of my Heroes, Has Passed Away
Story About IMF Screwing Two Poor Countries (Robot Wisdom) And It's About Water Privatization Again
(Gawd the US is Evil)
High Schooler Gets Interrogation From Secret Service After

Wearing Anti Bush T-Shirt
(Gawd the US is Evil Part 2)

Great Interview With Artist Micah Wright

Speaking of Foreigners (Other Than Iraqi Kids) We Have To Kill...

Conflicting Views Toward US Role In Venezuela
(Am Strongly leaning toward Blame America First Because
Of Our Sponsored Coup Attempt the First Time)

Blame America First One
Blame America First Two
Blame America First Three
And: Those Goddam' Commies or Homegrown American
Pravda Writer Glenn Links To This Perspective

Nice Followup on Rifkin's Hydrogen Age

Have Mixed Feelings About This Story About Increase in Female Fighters
Nice Essay About How Easy It Is To Go Fascist
(Read Above Story About How Principal Admired The Kids Who Turned in Anti-Bush T-shirt Boy For Proof)
Great Alternet Story on Solar Which Also Includes Cool
Links Here and Here

Pittsburgh Indy Media is Approved!
(I tried to do this but apparently you have to be a group...!)
Yet Another Great Pittsburgh Site Called Element 5

Two Cool Links From Element: A Page on Ocean Thermal Energy Converter (OTEC) And Fictional Feminist Future of Biotech Page...Interesting

Farscape Fans (And I'm Frellin' one of them) Have Raised Enough Money
For Their Own Commercial


Welcome To Your Orwellian Nightmarish Future
Great Max Sawicky Post on Trent Lott Brouhaha
Long Deep Think Piece About Economics and Eugenics
Interesting Piece About Black White Hat Cracker
Tuvalu Is Sinking: But Don't Worry Global Warming Isn't Real
Critical Piece on Clear Channel

Farscape Fans (And I'm Frellin' one of them) Have Raised Enough Money
For Their Own Commercial

Cool Story About How Planet Hunting Tech Could Create An Internet That's 100 Times As Fast

Good Declan Column About Variety of Cool Topics
The Men Who Sold The Moon
(Interesting story (with nice Bowie reference) about the potential commercialism of the moon and note final graphs: It's the constitution, stupid! Must build a better one before going to space...!)
Provocative Amnesty Report About American Companies That Aid

Chinese Censorship ("You will sell us the rope...")
Nice Deconstructed Turnaround Interview With AP By Indy Media

Classic Huxley Piece About Propaganda in a Democratic Society
Devastating and Probably Accurate Critique of the Democratic Party
Memory Increases Mean You Could Start Recording Every Second of Your Life
(IBM Futurist Predicted This Would Be Practical Right When Terabyte Memory Becomes Approachable...Time is Near...)
Lifeboat's Save Humanity Plan

Related Story: Dems Losing Money Battle ("When people have a choice between a Republican and a Republican, they choose the Republican...")
Wealthy Genius Elon Musk (Still Sounds Like a Heinlein character...) Attempts to Build a Rocket

Cringely On Surprising Microsoft Declaration That P2P Will Win
New Link Called Technoccult
Several Interesting Posts By Futurepundit On Life Extension, Retinal Replacement, And The Tongue As a Sensor (Really)
The Electrolite Affair


Is This The Instrument of the Future? In theory, everyone who types can be a musician but be forewarned: guy's a Kurzweil type genius with a piano background...might not be easy to play...Download videos (fast connection only) and sound clips...His band Mathcamp (Music sounds like They Might Be Giants mixed with Jackson Brown doing acid jazz with just a bar or two of prog rock...)was recently seen on BET Jazz's best show: At The Knitting Factory...

Solar Energy Breakthrough
Interesting Story About Geek Teacher in Kenya
Reynolds On Future Nan Regulation, PDF File,
Short Version: Thinks Nan Should Mimic "Successful" Biotech Self Regs...
Great. I can feel those Godless Capitalist designed Nanites Eating Away At My Optic Nerve Right Now...
Here's A Story About Possible Biotech Catastrophe





Guv Sez New Total Information Awareness System
Is Doubleplus Good...
Very Cool Bike Powered Computers in Laos

Please Note the Distressed Corporate Flag
New No War Blog
Interesting Piece That Criticizes Airwaves Policy (From Forbes No Less)
Economic Losses From Global Warming

Update on Horrific Water Privatization Case
Primer on Direct Democracy (Relevant For Space Exploration)

Wi Fi Lily Pads Take Shape in Pittsburgh
Is The Future Biodiesel?
Biodiesel Two
Stop Fascism Now
How To Stop Fascism
Educational Materials We'll Need If We Don't Stop Fascism
New Nan Ban Manifesto (Bad bad idear...)
Medpundit's Many Features About How Unprepared We Are For A Smallpox Epidemic

Republicans Strike Back And Do Well! Bhahahahah!
Meet The New Emperor's White House Spokesman Who Urges That "Your Working Class Kids Die For My Lucrative Future Oil Deals"
"You Embrace The War Dark Side...Or Else!"
And Soon...We Will "Liberate" Iraq Just As We Have Alderaan!
Long Live The Empire!

And Now Your Regularly Scheduled Links:

Carving of Iraq Oil Riches Begins
Remember: Santa Claus Is Real and It's Not About Oil...! And we'll find those weapons of mass destruction even if we have to plant them, which will seem coincidental, just like two Dem senators dying in plane crashes days before the election during consecutive election cycles...It's all Serendipity! and Luck!

Speaking of Fortuitous Plane Crashes For The Evil Opposition Party: Read Scary Conspiracy Piece About Wellstone/Carnahan Deaths

EU Moving Toward Linux and Open Source
In Related Story: Namibia Sez Microsoft Handout Too Expensive

Deeply Disturbing Story About How US Will Instigate Terror Actions Tactically (Horrific idea, but then again, 9-11 is the best thing that's happened for the Republicans of course they'd want more...!)
Don't Read This Story Plus Wellstone Conspiracy Story or...What's That? Noise at the door...ohmigod. Men in black, rushing me, putting a cloth over my face...! Ack!
In Related Story (Ack!): First Blogger To Get Tortured and Imprisoned By Usual Fascist Government Suspects (Not ours...yet.)
Masterful and Depressing Krugman Two Classes Piece on one Page

Good Links and Analysis From Future Pundit
Roundup of Nanotube Stories and Caloric Restriction Helps Even in Middle Age

wpeE.jpg (64466 bytes)

Election Update Referring to Above Pic: It's Getting Clear That It's Not Good to Have A Blatant Right Wing Station and no Opposition Propaganda. Note commentary about Media here and here. Please see my suggestion for a counterattack here. (Short Version: Need a foundation funded Guardian-like national left paper, like, now...)

More of Micah Ian Wright's Great Art
More Pics at Dubya Watch

Smart Nan Paints
We're A Step Closer To Foldable Displays
Newest Version of Freenet
American Conservative Lays Out Case Against Invading Iraq
(Ahhhhh, A Chris Hitchens of Our Own)
Best Wellstone Obituary
World's Worst Wellstone Obituary