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Tired of paying more than $12 a line or more for an Ad that Nobody reads? Then check out Pittsburgh Five Dollar Classifieds, the city’s most affordable classified service. The classifieds have to be kept to 100 words and run a month. If you want additional services, such as photos or links, then simply inquire. (For GIFs or JPEGs under 50K, we’ll probably charge about $10 a month.) 

Right now, we accept payment only through Paypal.  

New ads are posted no later than 48 hours after we receive your payment via Paypal. Each ad should include a return email address or phone number. Use caution on phone numbers and addresses. We also reserve the right to reject ads that we deem inappropriate or illegal.

Send all payments and questions to:


 Click on the Pittsburgh Five Dollar Classified Ads at the home pages of: 



 (Look in the right hand corner for the link.)

 Remember: Tell friends, family and colleagues about the new service. The more people that know about Pittsburgh’s cheapest ad service, the more likely your ad will be successful. Just email your name, the ad and ad payment via Paypal and that’s all it takes.

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Personals (adult), Real Estate (Rentals and Sales), Merchandise, Employment, Automotive,  Pets, Miscellaneous.

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Until we get more ads, we'll just run whatever ads we get over in this column.

Here's the first one:


Roomate(s) Wanted:

 I live in a townhouse on S. Braddock. It has three floors and it's kind of spacious. I'm looking for a roommate. You will have your own room and the rent is $250 a month, plus half of utilities. You need $450 to move in. Please contact me at

pshropshire@yahoo.com  .