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New! Reviews of Wired, Red Herring, Yahoo and Business 2.0 and an older issue of Forbes
Cool reads include Biz 2.0 Digiscents review, Yahoo's email interview of eight science fiction writers, Red Herring Lets a scenario planner go to town and Wired gives us a cover that looks like it should be framed, plus several cool stories.

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Reviews of Esquire, Time and MIT Technology Review
Esquire features more than just hint of Theron navel,  plenty of stories about fusion, cosmology and real life Good Will Hunting tales of true genius; Time trots out the big future guns and even fiction and MIT Tech Review profiles the 100 Best and Brightest

Reviews of Wired, Red Herring and PC Magazine
Read About: One company's attempt to build a Microsoft Killer OS in Red Herring, an attempt by Digiscents to bring Scent to websites in Wired and another attempt to dethrone Bill Gates and Redmond via net distributed apps through the Internet in PC Magazine.

Reviews of 2600, Digital South, Business 2.0, Red Herring and Wired
Short Scans of PC Magazine, PC World, American Scientist and Whole Earth
Reviews of Fast Company, Discover and Ultimate Hardware Guide

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Week in Review: Everything you always wanted to know about the AOL/Time Warner, plus glow in the dark water pistols that glow green in the dark by way of gene splicing. They say its safe..

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Yahoo Interview with Science Fiction Idols
Complete Text of Microsoft Ruling

Red Herring Has Superior Offering This Month
Wired Bill Gibson Stuff and 2600
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Cassini Research Outweighs Potential Risk to Human Life

By Todd  Jackson
(not a Greenpeace perspective...Heinlein forever! Go Nukes! Chernobyl Shernoble who cares?)

Review of Wishy Washy Technorealist Manifesto
Reviews of books by Freeman Dyson, Hans Moravec and Ray Kurzweil
>Learn the Truth behind X-Files inspired USWEB Exec Joe Firmage’s "The Truth"
>Read about Lazarus Long’s attempt to Create His Own Future Monarchy

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