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The Art of Simon Bisley.


I haven't seen the new Batman film yet. Looks like it borrows from Batman Year One. Give me a  couple of days or so. David Mazzucchelli doesn't appear to have a website.

You can read this for free. As someone who has read his brilliant but demanding short stories, I strongly recommend that you increase your IQ by 70 points, assuming the base and site average of 130, before jumping into it. It not easy read. Or to quote a blurb on Greg Egan's "Axiomatic": "Science fiction for people who like science fiction." I once quoted techno mage Stross in my Locus Online story about Harlan Ellison's lawsuit (check footnote 16) and I also kicked his Scot ass all over the place for claiming that Dean was a stooge for the trusted computing movement. I'm sure he's forgiven me. After all, I was right.


Today's Interspersed Theme: Girl with the Beautiful Tone

Esthero "That Girl" (only vid I could find)


Mahavishnu Orchestra Covers by Gregg Bendian's Mahavishnu Project
Try "You Know You Know" and "Meeting of the Spirits" (Real Actual Jazz Rock That's Downloadable!)
Massive Attack's "Protection", featuring Everything But the Girl vocalist
Only Goldfrapp tune I like "Pilots"
Try All The Superior Koop Vids but "Summer Sun" makes you want to live, even if they have stolen your vote.

Trail of Dead's "Caterwaul" (rips off Led Zep's "Black Dog" but in a good way...)
NERD's "Maybe"
Portishead's "Glory Box"
Terranova's "Chase the Blues Away"
Eighty Mile Beach's "Red Helicopters" (need more clarinet in acid jazz)
Zero 7 "Destiny Live"
And I Gotta Have More Cowbell! "Little Sister"
Broadcast's "Papercuts" (I am amazed by this band.)


Gallery level ar-teest Kent Williams is also drawing the comics version of Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain". And I think the new Batman movie looks good adolescent fanboy that I am...

A Proud American Scientification Around the Internets

Ted Rall on Our Boil 'Em Alive Uzbek Ally
Update on Vote Fraud in Ohio
Long Worldchanging Interview with Cyborg Democracy Spokespeople Garreau, Naem and Hughes. Related: Better Humans gets a facelift. They're trying the Daily Kos Scoop model. I've already registered as Steelydan.
Multiple Reasons Why We're Screwed (His high brow academic terminology) in Iraq by Juan Cole (short version: insurgency widespread with deep public support + too few American troops) (My short counter to the short version: A Chaotic ethnic rivalry in Iraq makes it easier for us to steal their oil. That's the overall evil plan. The Dark Side is strong...)
Amnesty International Understands the Dark Side

I'm reading Cringely again thanks to Robot Wisdom. 3 Big Epochal Events You Might Have Missed.
Bit Torrent Now Has A Search Function...Search for "Best of Seka" comes up empty...

Conflict at Space Confab (cue the Heinlein vibe)

Well, I sorta liked it. For me, its about the gorgeous Mysty visuals even though I do care about the characters. Sad to see the Jedi slaughtered like that. (Had to be more survivors than just the two. Not convinced am I of Mace Windu's demise.) But man those worlds are beautiful. Alien architecture and alien flowers rule. Loved that big goofy lizard. I find that the actions of the Sith remind me of the Bush administration, although the direct plotline seems more like the DS9 episode "The Die is Cast". That's where the Bush Administration knew about 9-11  Dominion knew about the secret attack but did nothing to stop it because it fit into their imperialist world-owning plans. You be the judge and no I am not this person. I wish George would do two or three more. He could always shop the director's duties. What else is he going to do in his final 20 years? American Graffiti 3?

Meanwhile, back to our harsh and evil reality, where the Dark Side is winning resoundingly...

I'm looking forward to seeing the next Stars Wars movie. Some say it's a thinly disguised attack on the Iraqi war. Of course, the same people who attack Mike Moore are already complaining about the film. Looks like I'll have to see it, five time or more, then.

Artist Juan Zanotto passed away.  Here's some info  about his work. He looks like someone whose work I may have seen in Metal Hurlant or in those astonishingly  well-illustrated Warren books of yesteryear.

Around the Internets

Lindie in her Room, B366B, Site C
Lindie is putting herself through school by waiting tables in the city.
"I will run my own company one day. And I will definitely have a place of my own. "

(From South Africa With Love)

Chris Mooney has asked for some suggestions for new additions to his blogroll. Aside from shamelessly plugging this site, I really think he has to add Worldchanging. The above photo is from a photo essay called "From South Africa with Love". South Africa came up with a wonderful constitution, but our friends at the World Bank--now headed by notorious neo-con vampire Paul Wolfowitz--are working overtime to keep the majority of its citizens poor, unable to afford their soon to be privatized water sources.
And that's just one link. The other killer links include plastic electronics, nanotech and development, reactive solar wallpaper, an Indian made electric car (Downside: only gets 40 miles per gallon, but in Tokyo or the emerging mega cities of China, it might not be too bad.), and citizen video undoes RNC protest prosecutions--love that term "the participatory panopticon" .

This came out after my previous post on Philly's waycool wifi cloud: the war against public broadband. I guess the point here is that more broadband means more democracy. The Democratic Party, which includes Ed Rendell, should support it every opportunity they can. Can the Washington Generals party even imagine winning a game?

One of the best debunkers of the "Global Warming is a Myth" crowd is Chris Mooney by the way. I highly recommend this speech if you want to understand not only the dangers of the Intelligent Design movement, but how the objective mainstream media approach doesn't help us very much in understanding the problem. He also does his usual excellent work on debunking the global warming debunkers here.

Local site that offers a "Carnegie Military University" factsheet. It's from a site called Organize Pittsburgh.
Alt History from a Marxist Perspective

Hey Everybody! I'm headed to Hacker High School, where all the kewl kids go! I might get laid this time...no? Same as before?
By the way I got all my news about the apparently wondrous Philadelphia Wi-fi cloud not from my local corporate media outlets, but from the excellent Daily Wireless. I like taking the bus so Rendell gets my vote probably. But his decision to cave in and only let Philly do this was a bad call. I might note that his conservative detractors would only be too happy to point out that he's a stooge for the cable companies, which was done over at Grassroots (our local Drudge like site.) The reason I don't like it is that if you help the corporate cable companies, you help Republicans. Broadband for the masses means you, in theory, replace Fox News with Air America and 2 Political Junkies. Why is a Democrat opposed to this? Did you need the monopolist cable vote that badly? More here from the Philly CIO. And where was the Pittsburgh delegation demanding their piece? This is why the Washington Generals theory of the Democratic Party makes sense--the theory that the Democratic Party is paid to roll over as the other less ruthless business party. I mean, I didn't support the Nader run, but I understand why he ran...(although not the second time...)
Speaking of Air America, look up last Thursday's Morning Sedition (April 7) and catch Marc and Mark's interview with Jeremy Rifkin about his new book on the ascendant European Union. (last 15 minutes) Rifkin, while stressing that it's not a utopia, makes Europe sound like some fantastical place, just minutes away from The Shire and Earthsea, with their mandatory 6 week vacations and state funded health and child care and a government that functions to protect the public good as opposed to raping it. And in a related story: US not number one in many ways.

Sin City review done as a comic book. (from Gravity Lens comments section...I wonder what his take was on the movie, so I can publicly ridicule it as is my wont. He shall rue the day...)
Methuselah Mouse Page (not religious)
Space Race News


Let me add my praises. Sin City rocked. It's just a gorgeous film. I can't say I was that impressed with the writing--it really felt like Pulp Fiction two in its narrative vibe and Tarantino even directs a scene. I also know Frank Miller is capable of better writing. In fact, for the record, I think Ronin, Martha Liberty, all of his Batman books and his stunning Electra (Why didn't the people who were doing that awful Electra film just follow his adaptation?) were more interesting than his Sin City books.

On the other hand, it was visually stunning. You just haven't seen anything like this before. Hookers with uzis and swords are cool. And I don't mean stunning but cold like that World of Tomorrow movie, but a tech that felt organic and stylized, even warm. In fact, because the scenes were so drained of color, every hint of baby blue or bloody red felt special and rewarding. And, of course, unlike those inept people who have ruined the Electra franchise, these producers were smart enough not only to bring in Frank Miller, but to let him co-direct as well. And they didn't radically rewrite his hard boiled strip and felt no need to add Tom Sawyer apparently. Smart. Now, if we could just get Alan Moore to go to Hollywood. Give him an Ozymandius-style Big Wall of tv screens to direct from Northampton.


Two "We're All Gonna Dieeeeee" Stories from Future Pundit. There's an increasing possibility that you will die from the Avian flu. The flu has an 80 percent mortality rate. He assures us that he will give us some helpful hints to survive if he's not killed by the plague. As for his second massive death scenario, Futurepundit suggests that the geological die off that happens every 60 million years or so is overdue. Could be, and this is my speculation, something that distorts the outer rim of the solar system and forces meteors and comets streaming our way,perhaps that long rumored twin star or a rogue black hole. Who knows. Just something to worry about that you can probably do nothing about--at least not without a viable space program.

Over at Worldchanging, one of the best alternative energy and development blogs, ever, has two interesting stories about wind power--which is already competitive with fossil fuels. One story involves wind turbines that look like high flying kites, or this:

The other story involves something called multi rotor wind power. And it looks like this:

The guy behind Worldchanging was interviewed at Changesurfer radio by the way.

CNN has discovered a South Korean aircar, and apparently forgotten about the French aircar, which has been around for years. We don't invest in those things here because we're evil Americans. I'm buying an eye patch meself. I practice saying Kill Iranians Syrians Bond Now! That's what evil Americans do now. Or, if commenting about the Iraqi War, I note that I mourn the 1500 Americans that have died, and ignore the thousands of Iraqis that we murdered for no good reason. That's evil. And to think I used to regret that this guy stopped writing. No more. Yeah, "Victory is Cheap" when you're not doing the fighting.
A Slacker Astronomy Podcast? I'll have to try that when I have some time...and as I was looking at that I wondered where I could find a podcast directory and that led me to this page...and that led me to Leo Laporte's new radio gig. I miss Leo. Gawd how they destroyed Tech Tv. I never watch it now.
Charlie Stross  has placed his hugo nominated story online for you to read. And so I will.
Please make this available as a toy O Lord I do not believe in.
Article About Aging That Hopefully doesn't insult Aubrey personally.

Teacher and student suspended for bypassing idiotic filters.
Cory Doctorow's fave science program is now available as a mp3s and podcasts. And also from Boing Boing: Richard Kadrey offering his new novel as a free PDF. And he points you to another free book (nonfiction) called Democratic Innovation.

Now, this if funny: Lethem and Chabon to the rescue.


My friend El Jefe ("He Shall Rue the Day...") over at Gravity Lens thought this film was eye candy without a story. (Update: he responds on the same thread.)

I disagree. I thought it was a gorgeous looking film with a fairly compelling story. In fact, as I started watching it I wondered why I had never seen it even in Pittsburgh's Indy film theaters. After I finished watching it, I could make a guess. It was produced by French people and featured a doltish fundamentalist lead character who was leading his people to doom. All of this set on a tree of bio tech wreckage, where our female hero disdains hierarchy and gives power to the masses. El Jefe said he saw this coming. Okay. Perhaps El "drowned in Ayn Rand's musky aroma" Jefe didn't like the commie Up With Computer Generated People message at the end. His loss.

And famous pulp fiction painter James Avati, whose work and style you've seen even if you never knew his name (like me), passed away recently. So, whenever an artist shucks off this mortal coil I will honor him here by showing his work. I'm sure someone will do the same for me. ("Ack! Phil's resistance cell has been blow'd up! So, check out Phil's computer art pieces here.....")

Links N' Things I should be studying more:

New Wired is out. Cover stories on hybrids happens to be out. Bruce Sterling also blogs and offers running commentary on Lebanese bombing and how the US is getting dumber, even features a Red State slam against Alabama. Big news there...

Our Media is up and running and not very interesting, yet. Potentially, though, it could be very very interesting. I've checked out some of the 8 music vids--not in favor very much from music channels these days--and I enjoyed the one tune from the ex Throwing Muses Kristen Hersh.(B-) There's also a related story in Wired about a band using P2P to distribute their video, even features a slam against Launch, which, with current memory, should have every video ever made but doesn't.

The Democracy Lie by Juan Cole
Draft Resistance Dot Org
How To Turn Your Red State Blue (Short version: Look at the Mormons and canvassing works.)
New issue of Neo Files Has Been Out Awhile

Both books by my Cyborg Democracy pals are recommended by Scientific American. How's that Morrisey tune go...Don't you hate it when your friends become successful? And out of a jealous raging spite, I'm permalinking Ramez Naam. His book is called "More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement." Not to be confused with this excellent Theodore Sturgeon graphic novel, which I used to own, until I gave it away like an idiot...




I just can't get enough of Brendan Mccarthy.


This is from Katie Nice, of Spumco (Ren and Stimpy) fame.

I got this from a blog I'll be stealing from looking at. It's called "Drawn" I usually don't permalink a site until I get to know it better but in this case...I'll be using a condom.
And oh look: I just stepped into the Internets and found this public archive of art. Amazing those Internets.

You can't really stop Robot Wisdom, you can only contain him. Kneel before his almighty powers of linkage: (Kneel before Zod!)

Detailed history of political blogs and the Gannon affair
Pakistani terrorists target Indian programming outsourcers
Evidence that the Iraqi resistance has no head
Voting Glitch Haunts Statistician

OBL dotting I's and T's Before Nuclear Attack?

Corporate Watch UK
I like this quote: "The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses." - Utah Phillips
Hitler's Bomb

It says Do Not Press and I know I shouldn't touch that red button, but, oh well...
Look, I don't know if you can judge a book by its cover, but judging from the trailer, Sin City may be the greatest film ever made...



The European artist Zdzislaw Beksinski who I had never heard of and whose first name I can't pronounce, (although he reminds me of Jacek Yerka), was found murdered in his home. I like his dark style. I wonder if he would have preferred his gruesome demise...? (Probably not.)

On a related note, I found these interesting pages of surrealistic art here and here.

My arch foe (He shall rue the day...)at Gravity Lens has some interesting posts. These animation shorts by Doug Chiang truly are impressive. He also alerted me to a site called the Venus Project. They're building the Brave New World here on Earth. They're just not too sure about that constitution yet.



And Robot Wisdom is Back!!! And he's baaaaaader than Eva...! I have some affection for Jorn and hope he conquers his problems. He holds a sentimental value for me because he's one of the first persons on the net to imply that I'm a dick, the first of many I might add...
And some great catches from Jorn already: Iraqi corporate profiteers, CIA drones over Iran, and this profile of Wikipedia over at Wired.
One of the ironies of the Iraqi and Afghan elections: They get more democracy than we do.
Of course the BTK killer is devoutly religious. Time to reread Bertrand Russell's "Why I'm Not a Christian."
New space plans from Japan.
China leads the way in alt fuels. Well, someone should.




Luis Royo. Nuff said.

Sexy robot from a japanese artist i wasn't aware of

And a bunch o' links

I just discovered Red Pepper, sort of a British Alternet.
Interesting site about direct democracy, which I'm researching. Don't be put off by the use of the word confederation. They're from Norway. (However, I refuse to call my new Martian society the Confederacy. Sorry.)
There's more on Ohio vote fraud case here. The attorneys who are pursuing this have provided about 900 pages of evidence. Both scary and depressing.
I found two new nan sites run by scientists here and here.
McGovern (That's former darkside CIA operative McGovern) on how it's a war for oil, if you haven't guessed already.
Interesting Overview of Digital Activism, and there's a link to something related.
Another Interesting Boycott Company

Bill McKibbon, who I often don't agree with, addresses the obvious conundrum/problem of how environmentalists can be against Wind.
New Fangled Drug Tests (Scary part of story: New Federal law that could allow for testing of drugged drivers--no matter how unimpaired you may happen to be.)
New Nanotech Display Screen

How to beat Napster's DRM scheme. Done, seemingly, within seconds.
Russian MP3s Sell for 20 cents a song.
Nathan Newman's Labor Blog.




Yet another Tom Moody sampled produced original

Looks like the Bush administration tried to stop this from entering the country. Yet you can watch this toon online.

Links N' Things:

Alan Moore Interviews Brian Eno. But the link doesn't make it clear where...(Oh Click on the latest show link on the upper right hand side. Not sure where Moore's last interview is. He was interviewed last week...)


The above photo of Titan was rendered by an "amateur". It looks like a nice place to visit, even though it's all methane and explosive gases. Why doesn't it go up in a ball of smoke? They must get lightening on Titan. Looks pretty though.

Interesting Hellraising Atheist Site (He's starting a Carnival of the Atheists.)
A Presidential Run by Robert Kennedy? He would be great. I've seen him in action...And I now predict a plane crash and/or lone gunman will kill him in 3, 2, 1...
Why Do We Have Reproductive Choice Laws?

Free Juliana Hatfield Downloads Right Here
The Essential Ken Layne Columns on Secession. Here, here, here and here.
The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Has Built A
Timeline for Real Molecular Manufacturing (Short version:10 to 20 years)


You can now get your own Jesusland T-Shirt Here.



Politics N' Science Links:

River at Baghdad Burning Tells Us Life Still Sucks in Iraq
Site About Companies That Engage In Sweatshops
Essay About Corporations Corrupting Academia
Nanotech and Energy Startups
Sunlight Dimming (So much for solar...is it an oil industry plot?)
Freedom to Tinker Guy Comments on Wired Article, Wired Writer Comments in the Comments Section
Primer on What the Falling Dollar Means
Oddly In Depth Yet Insulting Profile of Anti-Aging Spokesman Aubrey De Grey
("He sho' is weird...he dresses funny! N' he's got that crazy assed beard!)

Predictable Yet Justified Outraged Reaction At Fighting Aging and Cyborg Democracy here and here .




Creative Commoners of the world Unite! you have nothing to lose but your antiquated and inefficient copyright regime chains!




Both Will Eisner and Frank Kelly Freas passed away during the last several days. These were two legends in science fiction and comics circles. Full links on Eisner here.

See some extra pics of Freas over at Pittsburgh Words, Sounds and Pictures.

Links n Stuff

Local Paper Covers Intelligent Design Debate. Here's Why They Got It Wrong.
I'm Debating Local Guy Over Stem Cell Research. Not Sure I'm Winning.
I review the New Wired here.
Story About Local Robotics Hero Hans Moravec And His New Company

Quantum teleportation doesn't mean teleportion of people, but it could mean quantum communication--which could lead to the teleportation of people. Just have to build that quantum communication receiver...

The Steam Engine Car

Tiny Biofueled Cars...One Day They Will Eat People

How Craigslist Takes Away Ad Revenue From Newspapers (I used to have something up
 called five dollar classifieds but why bother...? Can't say I would lose any sleep if corporate media newspapers went under. Any press that allows fascist governments to rule unquestioned and unchallenged deserve to die...)

Cory Doctorow Reams Out Wired Management. No comment from Boing Boing Poster and Wired staffer Xeni Jardin (who's hot!).

Best Line:




I brazenly stole this from Tom Tomorrow. I'm sure Sparky would approve.

And don't forget novelist China Mieville's version of a Christmas Carol. Keep in mind that China's in Europe so that means he's a real socialist.

"So I'd been getting all that ready, but then the most extraordinary thing happened. I won the lottery!

I mean, I didn't win the lottery. But I was one of a bunch of runners-up, and it was a peach of a prize. An invitation to a special, licensed Christmas™ party in the centre of London, run by YuleCo itself.

When I read the letter I was shaking. This was YuleCo, so it would be the real deal. There'd be Santa™, and Rudolph™, and Mistletoe™, and Mince Pies™, and a Christmas Tree™ with presents underneath it."

And just to make sure you that get it that perhaps this isn't the most joyful of Holidays, please check out this Daily Kos Diary: The Week in Fascism.


1. Powerful and continuing expression of nationalism. Ivolsky found for us that the White House rational comes as surprise to Iraqis. This is based on a poll performed in Baghdad in October. The Iraqi’s do not believe the U.S. is in Iraq to create a free and independent nation. Looks like the Iraqi’s believed Presidents Bush’s announcement before his first term that he did not believe in nation building. But if you hear the rhetoric from the Government and the “talking heads” on the right you would think the average Iraqi is overjoyed that we are creating a new peaceful county. 2. Disdain for the importance of human rights. The biggest news item out this week is the President may have issued Executive Orders that allowed for torture of detainees and prisoners in the “War on Terror” Descrates brought to our attention the fact that the FBI Email Mentions Executive Order TEN Times. The best is yet to come. Where an Executive Order actually makes torture legal then Bush’s statements “that he only authorized techniques that fell under existing US law” were technically correct. This is a definite sign that we have crossed the line to the point that the things we used to condemn others for are now made legal for us just because the President says it is. 3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause. Nob told us that Inhofe says Clinton's cuts made Iraq mess. What a load of bull! The prime sign of scapegoating is blaming someone else. It does not matter that Cheney, as Bush the first’s Secretary of Defense started the Defense in 1991 and Clinton only approved the programmed cuts he scheduled. Now it seems that no democratically leaning spokesman has even came forward to challenge these statements. That is a bigger travesty.

And by the way: He obviously doesn't get the point: We know who killed Christ. Your retribution is at hand...Thank God for Jews who routinely don't question their vote for right wing Christian fundamentalists.


Perhaps you've seen this flag. I think the man behind it is probably joking.

On the other hand, I sincerely hope that the people behind Move On California are quite serious. I support them. There has to be a more vigorous way to show our dissent other than voting for Democrats who won't even fight for our votes. I can't think of anything more serious than secession. I might add that I'm willing to fight and die for things I actually believe in, as opposed to slaughtering Iraqi civilians for fossil fuels. It's aggressive. And it puts the right on the defensive. To use the crudely inappropriate football metaphor that our Moron in Chief uses to describe the War on Terror, we get to take it to them. We get to ask what's so great about the United States? You clearly don't give a fuck about us. We don't even have basic healthcare. We get to say that if you criminalize stem cell research or a woman's right to choose, then we're out of here. I've emailed those Move On folks and I'm not clear if they've thought of the ballot initiative. I guess there's a question of legality and this is where you would need some leadership with some balls that would say: "You just try and stop us from taking this vote and you'll have a civil war on your hands." And for some strange reason I could imagine Arnold mouthing those words. Offer him a shot at being the King of Cascadia or something, or vote someone in who has the guts to move for radical change. Time it for the 2006 Gubernatorial elections. Condition it's adoption based on the choice issue or approval of transparency in the voting process.

If California could pull this off, then the rest of us could follow. We could create a Canadian Union. I'm ready for a radical change. How about you? This is what the new country might look like:

Again, I'm not sure where the MoveOn folks are at in terms of a constitution or the ballot initiative. But, again borrowing from Oliver Willis' Brand Democrat theme, here's how you could brand progressive change.

posted by Philip Shropshire at 6:23 AM Comments (5)




For those of us who long for another Portishead record or keep on wondering what happened to that gorgeous vocalist who headed Esthero (Update: Esthero just put out a new album and the first song is here. Kinda of a rockin' tune where she says Britney and rapists of little girls (R. Kelly I think but that seemed consensual, urine notwithstanding...) get way too much vid time. Mentions MTV mediocrity by name. I guess I won't be seeing her video too soon..), Ilya might just fill your need for cinematic grooves and beautiful soulful lyrics. If you don't believe me, then watch the incredible video for Bellissomo. It's stunning. Trust me. You can watch it either here at Soundgenerator (A great online site for videos by the way in case you're sick of MTV. They do this relational thing where they point out that if you like Portishead, you might like Ilya. And they were right.) or at the band's site. And here's an interview with the band. The new album, blaring in my personal background, is called They Died for Beauty.

If you're looking for more of this kind of music, I highly recommend Soma online, which actually plays about several different brands of Acid Jazz. I usually have the Secret Agent stuff in the background...

All Hail the Return of the King: And speaking of stunning artists you won't be seeing on the MTV countdown anytime soon--or anywhere on MTV for that matter--Kaki King has a new album out. You might remember I declared Kaki the best female guitarist that I had ever seen, just narrowly beating out Joe Pass Protege Mimi Fox, also incredibly gifted. At her website, she has about three video downloads where you can check out her incredible Stanley Jordanesque tapping style. You can also find a Kaki King NPR interview, which features another video and four of her tunes.

Her compositions are just as mind-blowing as her technique. You're watching a living legend, once in a generation kind of artist. Now, if they would only play her on the radio. All Hail the King.


 Week of December 5th - 12th

This is the work of Japanese artist Aya Kato. Instead of ripping off Gravity Lens or Tom Moody, I decided to rip off Boing Boing. Remember: Great bloggers steal, they don't borrow.

And: I'm seriously thinking about moving to this country:

O Cascadia...! Cascadiaaaaaa.....

I think this guy might be kidding, but I think secession is an idea that you might want to start thinking about. He even has a very cool blog, well-designed. Nice background.


November 27th

I actually think Oliver's Brand Democrat idea is pretty good. But I think that we have to also counterbrand the Republicans. It's not quite as evil as challenging voters at the polls but it shows we're serious.

Here are a couple of my efforts.



November 4th

Obviously, I'm disappointed about the election results. I'm also genuinely frightened for the future of my country and I'm starting to be a little frightened by at least a slight majority of half the people in my country. 

I am, however, proud of the fact that I worked hard at ACT. ACT and MoveOn and ACORN and others in the America Votes coalition did a great job of winning states that Kerry probably would have lost without us, such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  IN fact, Pittsburgh ACT was thinking about closing up shop on the 15th. I hope they reconsider. I'd certainly be happy to stay on board.

And yes I really wanted to take down that upside down distress flag in the lefthand corner of the site. I guess I should just make it bigger.

Here's the two best Post Mortems I read that speak for me. Here's one from Eric Alterman:

Let’s face it.  It’s not Kerry’s fault.  It’s not Nader’s fault (this time).  It’s not the media’s fault (though they do bear a heavy responsibility for much of what ails our political system). It’s not “our” fault either. The problem is just this:  Slightly more than half of the citizens of this country simply do not care about what those of us in the “reality-based community” say or believe about anything.

 They don’t care that Iraq is turning into murderous quicksand and a killing field for our children.  They don’t care that the Bush presidency has made us less safe by creating more terrorists, inspiring more anti-American hatred and refusing to engage in the hard work that would be necessary to make a meaningful dent in our myriad vulnerabilities at home.  They don’t care that he has mortgaged our children’s future to give trillions to the wealthiest among us.  They don’t care that the economy continues to hemorrhage well-paying jobs and replace them with Wal-Mart; that the number without health insurance is over forty million and rising.  They don’t care that Medicare premiums are rising to fund the coffers of pharmaceutical companies.  They don’t care that the air they breathe and the water they drink is being slowly poisoned and though they call themselves conservatives, they even don’t care that the size of the government and its share of our national income has increased by roughly a quarter in just four years.  This is not a world of rational debate and issue preference.

It’s one of “them” and “us.”  He’s one of “them” and not one of “us” and that’s all they care about.  True it’s an illusion.  After all, Bush is a millionaire’s son who went to Yale and Harvard and sat out Vietnam, not even bothering to show up for his cushy National Guard duty, and succeeded only in trading on his father’s name and connections in adult life.  But somehow, they feel he understands them.  He speaks their language.  Our guys don’t.  And unless they learn it, we will continue to condemn this country and those parts of the world it affects to a regime of malign neglect at best—malignant and malicious assault at worse. 

Given the media’s talent for pandering to their lowest common denominator, the things that have driven us crazy about their past pathetic performance are bound to get a lot worse.  Most of us—readers and writers of this web log and peoplelikeus-- derive an awful lot of benefit from being Americans.  We owe it to our better selves, and though it sounds horribly clichéd, to our children-- not to walk away from this battle.  I will admit, however, it’s pretty damn hard to see through this fog just where to turn before we march.

And there's Tbogg quoted from Tom Tomorrow:

TBogg is not sounding like an optimist this morning:

Four more years of American soldiers being used as cannon fodder.

Four more years of scientific decisions being made by people who believe in a ghost in the clouds.

Four more years of debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay off.

Four more years of racists and lunatics for judicial appointments

Four more years of looting the treasury and squandering it on corporate cronies.

Four more years of making enemies faster than we can kill them.

Four more years of fear and darkness and racism and hatred and stupidity and guns and bad country music.

I look at the big map and all of the red in flyover country and I feel like I've been locked in a room with the slow learners. We have become the country that pulls a dry cleaning bag over its head to play astronaut.