Phil's Howard Dean Endorsement

by Philip Shropshire

(originally posted July 22, 2003)

I'm voting for Howard Dean on Tuesday. My vote isn't etched in stone and I may change my mind before the Pennsylvania primary. Yet Dean to me has a few qualities that I think stand out. One: he's one of the two candidates that opposes the Iraq war. I believe that the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan are nightmarish and that American casualties will probably mount. I believe Dean, who is by far the most photogenic and dynamic of the Democratic speakers, can best exploit and explain this position. Two: He's run a brilliant campaign so far and he's the only candidate that I believe understands the net and understands it's potential. Why is this important? Because traditional politics poisoned by hard money combined with the decided FCC lean of the corporate media will give the Republicans a decided Orwellian advantage. Yet on the net, where Dean's Meetup sign-ups are nothing short of astonishing, it can be a fair vote. Let a thousand Three River Techs bloom, all of which endorse Howard Dean. I think we can make a fight of it out here. Three: Looks count and see one again. It matters how you look on television. Whenever I see Howard speak I feel like saying "Give 'em Hell Howard". Four: A vote for Kucinich is a vote for Graham or God help us Leiberman. I have nothing against Dennis, in fact I think he would be a great secretary of labor. But after watching him in debates, I just think that Dean can reach more voters. That's just a gut feeling. My gut told me the same thing about Bill Clinton. Charisma matters. He will also clean Bush's clock in a debate, decisively. It will be the guy who can talk against the guy who can't. I can't wait.

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