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Inane Ramblings

I was amazed and disturbed by this Salon article. It’s probably true that the censorship trends pro rightwing. There’s an accompanying story on Salon about how trying to “protect” kids actually hurts them. I just think that people should be free to surf wherever they want. I assume that there’s a teacher in the classroom so they’re always being monitored. Then again, judging from the response at Plastic, I guess people are sympathetic to the oppressive school forces. The worst argument has to be , well, that’s the way things are at work, why shouldn’t they be that way at school? Actually, the question that occurred to me is why is it that way at work? True, I’ve worked under many a fascist regime at many jobs but should it be that way? (More here)

The Random Rant

(I posted this over at Plastic in response to the assertion by Ted Rall that violence is a necessary factor in any revolution.)

I've always been a big fan of Ted Rall (I even link to him on my sites) but keep in mind that Rall's whole childhood was one tortuous eye for an eye experience called "My War With Brian", which is a funny read if you're really into violence and vengeance fantasies.

Yet I must say he has a point about the nature of violence in political change. Personally, I think his argument is that both peaceful and not quite so peaceful tactics have to be used. For example, the writer above used the example of Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X, when, if the truth be stated, their movements complimented each other. Take heed of the nice minister from the south otherwise you will deal with the spector of a violent ethnic war. I believe that's currently the strategy of the prolife movement...Ignore our constitutional bans eh? How about a pro-life bullet of Love between your eyes...? (I'm pro-choice but I understand the tactics..)

(more here...)




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