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Best Bets


Linux Roundup and Rivlin's Gate's Profile in Upside

New 21st Century Business Week Issue

Business 2.0 August Issue

Reviews of Business 2.0, Maximum PC, and PC Magazine

Reviews of Upside and Business 2.0!

Business 2.0 August Issue

Profile of Idealab's Bill Gross in Wired

MIT Tech's Article on Biogenetic Engineering

Bruce Sterling's Green is Cool Whole Earth essay

Discover Science Annual Award Winners

July 1999 Issue of PC World

May Esquire Piece on Immortality

May 17th Forbes Profile on Priceline founder

ICon profile of Perot-like High tech presidential candidate

Moller Aircar Feature and Hot Alien Gray Babe Cover

Forbes Blue Light Laser Feature and Whole Earth's Future Scenario Stories

Wired Lead Story on Aspiring Silicon Valley Magnates

Entire June Issue of Business 2.0





Reviews of PCWorld and Red Herring

>Star Wars Wired and Esquire, Icon

>June Wired, MIT Technology Review, Forbes, Fortune

> Reviews of Bus. 2.0, PCMag, PCWorld

> Reviews of Forbes, New Scientist and Whole Earth Catalog

>reviews of Wired and New Scientist

> Reviews of New Scientist, PC Mag and Popular Mechanics

>Year 2000 Fear & Fun Frenzy in PC Mag, Wired and Others!

Reviews of Great Biz Week Future issue and Wired

Reviews of Wired, The Sciences and PC World

Forbes and New Scientist Reviews

Reviews of Whole Earth, Discover and Max PC

reviews of MIT Technology REview and Scientific American



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