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Frank Frazetta: He's Good.

Check Out The Great Art of Paul Pope

Lovely Italian Intellectual Diva's Blog Mass Distractions (She's At A Completely Scary Susan Sontag Like Level)
(Check Out Her Awesome Kung Fu Over at the Warblogger Comments Section As She Writes as Returning Visitor)
Political Bigwigs Intro Free Air Time Bill
And Related: Local TV News Generally Brain Dead And Offers no Political Coverage
And: Interesting New Site Called Alliance For Better Campaigns
Insurance Lobby War Against Oregon Health Care Plan
Older Big Story About How Lemon Juice Kills AIDS Virus
Another Story About Anti-Grav and Podkletnov Effect
From Future Pundit's Other Blog Parapundit: North Korea, Not Worth Invading Mind You, Becoming Big Nuke Supplier

North Korea Probably Has the Bomb: Rest Easy
Bragged About It To Japanese Prime Minister

Administration Says Deal With One Madman (Cocky About his Nukes) Without Oil Threatens to Eviscerate One Madman (Lucky To Have Sand)With Oil

"But if North Korea is a greater and more immediate threat to U.S. security than Iraq, and if the administration is willing to rely on deterrence and diplomacy to deal with Pyongyang, then why is it not willing to use the same tactics with Iraq."

Max Sawicky Points Out Obvious Answer to the Above Question, And So Does Tapped
Glenn Reynolds Still Doesn't Get It and Blames Clinton
 (Yet Again), Citing Andrew Sullivan Column About Weakness Yet Forgetting Treasonous Fools Who "Weakened" Him On Military Service Record, Monica, and Generally Unimportant Stuff In This Our Bought Off and Corrupt Age

9-11 Drives Development of Nan
Kurzweil on Nan Sensors Creating a Kind of Virtual Psychic Link and
Lots of Debate Over at Nanodot About It

Long and Oddly Funny Chomsky Talk About Iraq War and
the Israeli Role

Farmers Concerned About Possible Deadly GM Mold

Updates on Creation of a Super Solder

Smart Legal Primer at Law Meme
Interesting US Proposal to Thwart Internet Censorship Abroad and
related: US Gov Working To Create Superior Peer to Peer
Building A Better Moonbase
Asia Leads in Wi Fi Hotspots
Incredible Swiss Success at Nan Products, Related Item: Company Makes Solar Cheaper With Nan
Incredible Hermetically Sealed Crops in Britain (Has Implications For Space Settlements)
Technology Research News and Directory
Long New Republic Piece on the Evils of Big Pharma
Full Text of Digital Choice and Freedom Act, Analysis
Gaiman Destroys McFarlane (Legally)
New Geek Law Site

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Moller Air Passes A Test: This concept car has been around awhile. But it looks like it finally passed at least a minor flight test, while tethered to a crane. Folks at Boing Boing have their doubts. (ck comments section). The air compression car is a bigger deal because it just looks more realistic. Who wants to give Iraq their next airforce or terrorists a commuter vehicle? No way in this climate but the Moller Car sure looks cool. Just do that Mach 5 mod and you're ready to go...

From Slashdot:

Coming Ice Age?
China Develops Own Chip, Slashdot Forum
New PBS Show Combines Science with Survivor
Interesting Idea About Digital Democracy
University Bans Links
Cringely's Unusual Method to Fight the DMCA (Would Probably Work...)

From Usual Suspects:

Ten More Reasons to Oppose Top Down Globalization
Are You an Information God?
Wi Fi Expands Reach
Iraqi Peace Team Heads To Iraq
Interesting Extroprian Site (Get Rich At Any Cost or Face Extinction)
(Venter's Personal Genetic Profile Costs $600,000)

New International Corporate Watch Site
Supreme Court Upholds Kid's Suspension Over Website
Review of Rifkin's Hydrogen Age
Robert Forward Died And Wrote His Own Obituary
Profile On Cheap Simputer Headed For India

Classic Friendly Dictators Cards Are Now Online
Update at Inane Ramblings: More on Aircar, Courageous Ted Rall with long footnoted piece on why it's a war for oil and yet another friendly dictators pic...





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Air Powered Car is Back! (Linked to this about a year ago, but this time  MIT Technology Review has taken a look at it....!)
Update: Comments At Tech Review
Thailand's Q (Would Love The Bullet Proof Baseball Cap...)
And I'll never understand why the Democrats don't make nonlethals and bullet resistant vests an issue.
("The Republican's claim that you have a right to own a gun and to kill. Fine. Then shouldn't there be an implied right to attain a bullet proof vest to defend yourself? Shouldn't you have the right to own rubber bullets...?", said presidential candidate John Kerry.)
Negroponte predicts Wi-Fi Takeover of Telco (we wish)
More Horrific Stuff About International Trade Deals
Bush Administration Attempts to Turn Science Political (Not the first time...)
Admittedly Funny Putdown of Project Censored List
New Medical Breakthrough Site (Nominated Here...)
Long Rall Piece Here About How War Is About Oil, With Footnotes, and Hasn't Been Rebutted Very Well by the Usual Suspects (Can't Figure Out Why I Can't Find His Piece Anywhere Else...)
Peterme is in Japan and it looks Gibson Cool....
Meet Future Scenarists Alternative Futures Associates
Some of New Wired Magazine is Online
>Story About Sky Dayton's DIY Wireless Project Boingo
>Wireless Center at Dartmouth
Homing Peptides Attack Cancerous Cells (First Step in Nan Viral Defense)
(Think Personal Bio-Shields)

Review of Arguing AI Book
Nan Could Be A Boon To The Environment
Brain Dead Filters At Work In Your Schools
Exciting Tales of The War on Terror: Skittish Nuke Plant Guards And:
Every Nuclear Plant Makes A Great Nuclear Bomb (Attack When Ready)
Former CIA Analyst on Flaws of the Bush Regime
Google Has Found Route Around Great Firewall of China
Weblogs of Dead Writers and Neil Gaiman, who's not dead! (
Gaiman Journal)
Freedoms Lost After 9-11
Is This Rechargeable Car Story True?
(Hope The Guy Has Seen "Tucker" Many Times Over....)
Yet Another Nan Improves Solar Story
Save Frellin' Farscape!

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Peterme is in Japan and it looks Gibson Cool....

Reviews of John Malloy's "Amnesia", Carla Speed McNeil's "Finder" and NBM Publishing's "Wake"
Essay Entitled "What the Unabomber Wants"

"When I think of this frightening piece by the Unabomber in Green Anarchy I'm reminded of the first appearance of Hannibal Lecter (played by Brian Cox in Manhunter), where his seemingly benign phone calls and newspaper ads would expand and unfold exponentially like a Hoberman Sphere of Darkness, Terror and Evil. One of his messages to the outside world gave a serial killer the home address of FBI investigator William Graham, played by actor William Peterson, now the lead for the television show CSI. That was, as the Unabomber might phrase it, "hitting them where it hurts". I fear that if one looks at the darkest possible meaning in Mr. Kaczynski’s newest prose efforts then one could conclude that his messages to the outside world are no less benign than the fictional Hannibal Lecter's...(More)"

Former CIA Analyst on Flaws of the Bush Regime
Google Has Found Route Around Great Firewall of China
Weblogs of Dead Writers and Neil Gaiman, who's not dead! (
Gaiman Journal)
Freedoms Lost After 9-11
Is This Rechargeable Car Story True?
(Hope The Guy Has Seen "Tucker" Many Times Over....)
Yet Another Nan Improves Solar Story
Save Frellin' Farscape!

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Incredible Tokyo Pop Art  By Seth Fisher
(Check Out His Online Gallery)

Am Permalinking Norm Jenson's "One Good Move"
(See his hilarious limerick putdowns of Angry Pej and the Warblogracy) and, finally, Cursor (Don't know why it took so long...)

More Evidence that Nan Could Lead to More Efficient Solar Energy
Possible Commercial Flight To The Moon
Good Article on Rethinking Security At the Atlantic
Some Good Things That We Could Do, But Won't
Undeniably Cruel Yet Accurate Review of the book "The Pact"
Fascist Action Hero Scalia is Back! This Time He's After Saddam!

Three Interesting New Links Already From Warren Ellis Blog
Die Puny Humans":

Worldwide Decline in Privacy
Nasa's Exploration of Alternative Means of Propulsion (Speaking of which: You ever going to finish "Ministry of Space" Warren?)
Yet Another Flying Car Concept That Will Probably Go Nowhere, But It Still Looks Cool...

Looks Like Peer to Peer is Being Deliberately Poisoned (From Starjewel)
(Not The RIAA? They're such nice people...)
Beautiful Local Pittsburgh Site That Features Fiction Called New Yinzer
Insightful Slate Piece About How Technology Will Enable Fewer and Fewer People To Kill Us (Variation of the Bill Joy Theme, Joy is even quoted...)

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Spock (My Personal Hero: He Always Thinks His Way Out of Problems) Does Nude Photos (I understand that he has to do these photos every seven years or he'll start throwing his food and ordering changes in the ship's direction and otherwise act all tense...) (Great Pics eh? Have I told anyone lately that I love the Internet?)
Update At Inane Ramblings: Reluctant Partial Defense of Glenn Reynolds and
our favorite Neo-Eugenicist Godless Capitalist Gets the Infamous Shropshire Slasher Treatment

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Get Your Custom Made Mach 5

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Great New Warren "Born to Blog" Ellis Blog
('Leet Brit Alan Moore Level comic book writer)
Prince Writes 4 U About Evil Record Companies
Project Censored List of Most 25 Overlooked Stories (Water Privatization makes the cut...)
Big Nation Piece About Water Privatization
Third Story About Evil Water Privatization (Related to Censored Story Above):

Bechtel, who tried to privatize water in Bolivia--not unlike charging exorbitant fees for the air--got their butts deservedly kicked out of the country. So now they're trying to use world trade agreements to screw Bolivians anyhow. And of course the proceedings are in secret. Citizen groups are asking that the probable shame proceedings at least be open to the public, which right now they're not. By the way: this is related to the GE grain debate in Africa. If any of the grains seeds contaminate local African crops, your friendly neighborhood Monsanto will be happy to sue you (As they did in Mexico) under horrifically top down trade agreements...This is why they legitimately hate us...)
Devastating Critique of Powell FCC or "Why You Don't Have Cheap Affordable Broadband?" (Won't Enforce Must Carry Rules in short...)
Review of Legal Theorist Lani Guinier's Miner's Canary
I'm Trying This New Blog Thing (My Blog is Vast Wasteland). Hope it works...Still Waiting For My 50 bucks from Epinions though...

Saturn as Seen From Titan by Chesley Bonestell

Work of Painter Chesley Bonestell (Gawd That's Beautiful...)
Boffins Create Electrical Force Fields (Shields?) (Questions: What's a Boffin and Is This Bullet Proof as well? I might need it after some of my posts at Warblogger Watch...)(Geekpress)
Profile on Kim Stanley Robinson and the Idea of Utopia
Defense of African Countries Refusal To Accept GE Food
Writer Also Works For A Great Site Called Reclaim Democracy
Is Yucca Mountain On Top of Active Volcanic Vents? (Don't you love nuclear energy?)
Story of $199 Linux Computer
More Scary Genetic Engineering Stuff


Gifted Yet Nightmarish Artist Dave McKean Has Several Websites

Stunning Site About Organic Architecture (From Doc Menlo)
Related Mondo Profile of Eugene Tsui, Author of Evolutionary Architecture

Picture of Tsui House

Wired 10.09

Entirety of New Wired Online (Hurts or Helps Sales?)
(Highlights: Profile of Ecstasy Developer, Genetic Therapies, and Water Management )
Two Stories About Environmentally Friendly Homes: Local CMU Solar House and European Trash Home
Factsheets for Directed Energy
Q And A About Assemblers
Space Elevator Funding and the Highlift Website
(Space Elevator might be fastest and cheapest route to space, barring propulsion breakthroughs.)
Artificial Gravity and Orbital Habitats
New Space Site Called Space Future
Cool New Site Called The Memory Hole
Web Isn't Dead Essay (Boing Boing)
Speaking of Boing Boing, Nice Piece By Doctorow About Hollywood Vs. Tech
Must Read Story About Cult of the Dead Cow (Geekpress)
Doc Searls Is Mad About The Great Screwing of Internet Radio
Another Great Piece by Commons Writer David Bollier
Bruce Sterling Blabbers On
Two Related Stories: Stem Cell Research Slows Down in the United States and
Singapore Moves Ahead in Stem Cell Research (Thanks to Leon and President Bush)
Janis Ian on How Sales Went Up After "Giving It Away"

Updates (Finally!) at Inane Ramblings and Random Rants

Solar Guerilla Activists
Green Attack Against Nan
Story About Fusion Between Nan and Chemistry
Reclaiming the Commons (Great Story by the Way)
Sonic Youth Listening Party at Rolling Stone
Very Good PR Watch Site

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Coupla Good Stories From Daily Wireless, One About
"Wireless Community Clouds" and Another About Directed Energy or AntiGrav Weapons
Online Paper That Actually Works? (Small New York Paper...?)
Innovative Scientists Under 35
Debate Between Dinesh "Distortthenewsa" and Gore Vidal Over Why
America is Hated
Excerpt From How Globalization is Destroying Sustainable Development
Finally, A Ghost Caught on Videotape...
...And of Course We Have a UFO Story in the Wash Post
(The End Times Are Near! Run I Tellya Run...!)
Smart Critical Look At What's Wrong with the American Constitution
Interesting Tactics From The Unabomber (Funny Bit: "Not that I would ever condone anything illegal mind you.." Har Har. Right.)
Story of Porn Mogul/Third World Contraceptive Savior
(Over At Nerve...They Make Sexual Aides For Your Tongue...? Learn somethin' everyday...)
World Expose Online (New Kind of Stories)
Adding Dave Copeland and Starjewel to Permalinks
Shocking Story of the Week: Globalization is Bad For the Poor
Let's All Just Start Worshipping The Great Micah Ian Wright...
Update: Perens Backs Down! First Amendment, Smirst Amendment!
Interview With Terribly Intense Post-Cyberpunk Scribe Charlie Stross

Scary Future Shock Line: An acquaintance of mine breeds companies for a living.
I'm not kidding. He has a nice little business that sells shell companies with all their paperwork via the back page of Private Eye.
To spawn a new company, he fills out the paperwork and three of his tame companies each occupy a niche as company secretary, company treasurer, and company chair-thing. When it's time to sell the new company into bondage, the chair-being "resigns" and the other companies elect the purchaser to the chair and issue shares




Universal Display Flexi Screens
(Kind of like in Minority Report and they're only a year away from Market...)
Greg Egan on Steven Wolfram's Big Intimidating Book
Wash Your Chickens Thoroughly....
New Line of Nonlethals
(Isn't this, with the exception of Spider Jerusalem's Bowel Disrupter, a good thing?)
Perens On Real Networks Embrace of Open Source
And Perens: Future Federal Criminal. Apparently this Rogue Is Going to Talk
About Technology In Public, which will violate the DMCA...

Update: Perens Backs Down! First Amendment, Smirst Amendment!
(Obligatory Slashdot Response)
Another Version of Peekabooty
Senator Disney's Attempt to Bypass Legislation And
Go Straight to FCC (Would Make VCR's worthless...thanks)

Second Evil Bill Allows Entertainment Industry to Hack Away With Impunity
ACLU's Suit Against DMCA
And: ACLU White Paper on Broadband Conglomeration (No Competition)




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Kass Council Report
Charles Murtaugh on Report
Scary Story About GM Genes in the Human Gut
Meth Labs on Wheels
Worthwhile Projects from Public Knowledge
Original Story From Declan McCullagh
Project One: Preserving the Internet Commons
Old But Still Cool Story About Cocaine Black Hat Crackers
Way To Beat Moore's Law
More RIAA Evil
New Techs Could Increase Human Performance
Hydrogen Fuel Cells For the Home
Very Cool Red Flags Weekly
Could Nan Solve Energy Crisis?
Meet Pittsburgh Bloggers Altara and Starjewel
Super Journalist Greg Pallast On Coups in Venezuela and
Entirety of Wired Online
Intelligent Janis Ian Rant Against RIAA (Slashdot for the 4000th Time)
New Air Breathing Rocket Makes Progress
New Ground Broken For Advanced Propulsion HQ
Great Ted Rall Piece on Fundies, And War Strategy
Good Essay (Don't Necessarily Agree With It) On Memes which
quotes John Barnes' Disturbing "Kalaidoscope Century"

Living Near Your Waste
Superior Story About the Difficulty of Space Settlements Wanting Self Determination

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Incredible Anti War Pieces Available Here (Thanks Boing Boing)

wpe9.jpg (29048 bytes)

Hilarious Ruben Bolling Piece on Our Wise, Glorious and Noble Leader


Interesting New File Trading Alternative
Good Primer Story About Open Cola, Open Source
Profile of Renegade World Banker Joe Stiglitz
Column By Stiglitz in the Guardian
Honest Bad Review of Dirt Cheap Wal Mart Lindows Machine
Sunshine Project on Govt Efforts To Use Drugs as Tool of War
Interesting New Ralph Nader Group Opposed to Corporate Greed
(Of course, Ralph, if you're really interested in stopping corporate greed you might try not running in 2004 and will you please get the Greens out of the Wellstone Race, cmon....)

Review of New Walter Mosley Book

My Left Argument For Space Is Up At Tech Central

(Here's my unedited, uncut version here. Tech Central did a pretty good job of editing but I wish they would have left in the links, especially to
Greg Egan and his great story “Oceanic” .)



3D Display

Cool Story About Plan to Stream Radio
(Screws Both RIAA and CARP, Sweeet..)

Story About 3D Television
3D Company Website
Another Must Read Justin Raimondo Piece
Microfly Spy Gadget and Eventual Cool Toy
Science of Minority Report
Somebody Is Watching the Instapundit
Exciting New Ion Drive But How Much Faster to Mars?
Info About Radical Educator Paulo Freire
ICANN Evil Eliminates Net Reps and Adds Online Tax
FBI Not Too Busy To Go After Excess Bandwidth Users
AI Breakthrough in Animated Motion (Scary Quote: "We're not sure how it works".)


wpeB.jpg (18650 bytes)

Picture of an Artificial Cell (Above)
Quicktime Animation
This is How Bad Science Fiction Starts (Geekpress)
South Dakota Moves to Legalize Hemp
Quark Soup Has Become Must Reading (Check out Appell's Decimation
of Andy Sullivan and James Hudnall)

Big Pharma Uses Third World Test Subjects
Ted Rall Interview at Pittsburgh Weekly
Charlie Stross Takes Down Eric Raymond, round 1
Charlie Stross Takes Down Raymond over Scot Sci Fi, rd. 2
Top Secret Toyota Aircar (Figures the Japanese Would Get There First..)
MIT Tech Review Does Positive Wind Piece
Great Tom Tomorrow Rant
Scientists Gather to Discuss Asteroid Fall
Time Profiles Phil Dick (Boing Boing)
Scary Piece About the Federalist Society
Related Scary Story At The Voice
Salon Story About Evil Leon Kass Even Though Brownback Bill Appears
Dead (Unknown News)
Interesting New Mars Politics Forum
Dirty Bomb Story
Interesting Neo New Wave From The Start
(Kinda of a Blondie or Clever Pop Lush Feel)
(click on Gorgeous)

David Reed on Open Spectrum
Important David Reed Position on Smart Radio Software
Smart Materials Breakthrough Here at CMU?
Environmental and Global Warming Change (Bad Mojo)
How To Disable Library Censorware

This Is Not True! I never used the phrase "forcible expulsion"!
This Frellin' PetaQ Will Not Make A Correction! A Curse Upon His House

The Danger of Nuke Plants as Targets
What A Constitutional Dictatorship Would Look Like
Astonishing Nan Products Story
(And here's one of those companies and here's another....)
American Federation of Scientists On Fallout Effects
Map of Fallout Dispersal Patterns
Asteroid of Nuclear Strike? (We Need To Know...)
Possible Diabetes Cure

Back By Popular Demand..

Your Basic Nuclear Exchange Between
Pakistan and India Links:

Probable Impacts of a Pakistan/India Nuclear Exchange
Overview of Conflict
Probable Attack Zones
Speculation on Fallout


Great Piece on How Ari Fleischer Lies
Bush War Against Women
Public Citizen Free Speech Site
Smart Way To Promote Human Rights
Profile of Ultrawideband Entrepreneur
Tracking Down Mafiaboy (Note to Self: If I pull off the big hack,
don't brag about it!)

Water Water Everywhere on Mars?
Makes Mars Almost a Sister Planet, Of Course We Should Go...
New Hactivisimo Site (Cult of Dead Cow Born Activist Site)
Update on Cutting Edge Propulsion
More Debunking of the Liberal Media Myth
Unlimited Radio Spectrum?
18000 Dead Per Year Because of No Health Insurance
Fabric Display Screens
New Methods of Computing
Attempt to Patent Human Beings?
New Fangled Wind Turbines Could Fight Warming
More Miracle Tech Stuff (Called Cool Chips) and
How It Affects Solar Energy
Science Blog at MSNBC
What American Martial Law Would Look Like...?
Interesting Story About VR Overlay
Top Secret Method To Defeat Celine Dion CD Protection
Inspiring Story of Clean Donation Campaigning
Devious and Inspired Kazaa Strategy to Pay Artists Directly
Eric Raymond Has A Blog Of His Own
Touching Appreciations for the late George Alec Effinger

Wired Story About Homebrew "Lifter" Club
(It's either anti grav or entropic energy, who knows...)
And: American Antigravity Dotcom (Really)
Public Citizen Takes on Digital Right of Deep Linking
(This is why Ralph Nader is Cool...)
Somewhat Related: EFF Blog (Cory Doctorow Again...)
Story of Private American Rocket Builders

Ton of Good Stories From Red Herring (All online?...)
Need for Fair System of Organ Transplants
In Depth Story About Organic and Mecha Organ Tech
Story on Nantech
Related Story About Nan Motors for Toys

Here Are a Coupla Good Tunes From The Doves
(Click "Catch the Sun")
And From Goldfrapp, Sort of Portishead Meets the Theme From
Russia With Love You Only Live Twice (My Fave: Pilots)

Why I Don't Support Harlan Ellison's KICK Internet Lawsuit (At Locus)
Scary Fast Rebuttal From Harlan's Attorney

My New Comics Reviews At Locus, Includes Moore's Top Ten,
Kingdom of the Wicked, and Fallout

(Reviews at Majic12 Include Comics Journal Winter Edition and
a listing of background allusions in Top Ten)

Great Newspeak Piece by Ed Herman
Viruses That Build Machines?
Great Story About Incomprehensible Story That
Video Games aren't Protected Speech

Update on the Matrix
Cloning Around the World (Geekpress)
Can Racial Profiling in Medicine Be A Good Thing?
Alt Energy Stories at New Alt Energy Blog such as:
Coal to Hydrogen?  and:
Clean Nuclear Fission Energy?
Is Fixed Wireless the Future?
Top Ten Copyright Crimes (Hilarious Stuff at Law Meme)
Who's Killing the Microbiologists and Who's Watching the Watchmen?
(Is Adrian Veidt Behind It All?)
Another Article About Potential of Fixed Station Wireless
Stylish Local Columnist Tony Norman
Greg Palast: Greatest Living American Journalist?
The Bold Nan Future (Features New Term: Evernet)
Good Dvorak Piece About Blog Rules
Already Great Prospect Blog Gets a Permalink
Photonic Chip
Pittsburgh Based Nan Company
Therapeutic Cloning Gets Hatch, Looks To Be Winning
Long Boom Guy Sez "Boom" Continues
God Man is Back And He's Sold Out!
Must Read Fallows/Nader at Slate
Nice Primer on Vorbis
(The Group "Edit" at Kuro5hin Seems To Be Working)
Clandestine Biotech Crops Show Poor Results
New MYDD Political Blog
Federation of American Scientist's Report on Anthrax
Wal Mart: The Very Ugly American Corporation
United States: The Very Ugly America
Remote Controlled Ratbot
(Question: How Do You Electrically Stimulate Pleasure Centers
And Can You Do The Same for People?)metropolis1

Eric Flint Takes on Harlan, Again...Plus Angry Slashdot Link
Eulogy of George Alec Effinger
(Probably Killed by the American Healthcare System)
Another Effinger Obit That Quotes Harlan (Had Similar Styles...)
Yet Another Nan Centric Slashdot Style Site
Yet Another Photonic (?) Centric Site
Long Interview With CEO of Nanolume
Is Gateway Moving Into the Music Business
Found: Intense Microbiology Blog (And he's not a complete facist..)
Found: Medical Pundit
(Glenn Linked to him so you can figure out his politics)
The Fighting Whites Merchandise Store

Indy Media's New York Monthly Features:

Global Warming Story
Dwindling Freshwater Story
Eco Terrorist Gets 23 Years

Leaked WTO Document Reveals Demands to Poor Countries
Decent New American Prospect Attempt at Blogging
Very Very Cool Aerogel Photos
Completely Terrifying Account of Bioweapons at Counterpunch
(Must reading on biowar, toxic vaccines and American-made Anthrax)

The Real Bias in the Media
Environmental Article Takes on Extropians
Big Fuel Cell Advance By NASA
Big Review of Notable Science Books
Story About World Censorship of Net (Not Optimistic)
Hot Haptic VR Sex (Maybe)(Geekpress)
Good Essay on Tesla
Hollywood Vs. Silicon Valley
Nuke Plants: Great Targets for Terrorists
Writer Sez Sales Increased After Net Giveaway
(Criticizes Harlan's Suit By Name. Ouch.)
Brilliant Dissection of Supreme Court Virtual Porn Decision
Interesting History of the Hard Drive
Moon Based Solar Sats?
And: Moon Based Space Race?
Intense Story of Corporate Hacking (Geekpress)
Update on Why Wind is a Winner
Smarter Sustainable Farming (Boing Boing)
The Hidden Mystery of the Transexual Frog
Online Paper Beats Coup Leaders
Combine Cutting Edge Cures + Not Enough Insurance
Online Reporter Gets Coup Story Right
(Hint: It wasn't the Times or the right wing Blogosphere...)
Non Lethals in Britain
What is Quorn and is it Tasty?
Incredible Transhumanist Nan/AI/Singularity Resource Page
Arab Side of Israeli Conflict
Funny Mark Fiore Flash Cartoon (Now at Salon)
Blog of Guy Who Created Blogger
Microcontent News
Possible Global Warming Solution
Completely Scary Eric Drexler Audio Piece
(How Scary? He says the line "less benign than the Anthrax virus".)



werent-soldiers.jpg (27142 bytes)

(pic from the usually excellent Dr. Menlo)

Gateway Launches Ad Campaign Against Hollings Bill (Wow)


Ruminations on Bjork and Zappa and Music Channels
At New Revamped
Vast Wasteland Television Blog

Creation of Geek PAC (Good Idea)(Law Meme)
Sterling on Scary Strength of US Military Edge plus:
13 Enemy Strategies
Fallout From Dopey Bush Proposed Cloning Ban: (May The Senate Just
Kill The Entire Bill...)
Wired Sez Cloning Ban Irrelevant
Additional Wired Piece About Francis/Stock Debate
Benford Interview With Hawking
Reason Online Debate About Stem Cell Research
Journal of Those Being Killed in Palestine (From Great New Tom Tomorrow Blog)
Wil McCarthy On Nan Designed Plants
Older Wil McCarthy Piece on Kissing Off NASA
Good Piece About Fuel Efficient Cars
New Counter Instapundit Site?
(Puh Leeeze Let Me Post To It...!)
Dave Touretzky on Raise The Fist
Great Law Meme Site
(Check Out This Demolition of Valenti)
Chess Scholarships? Where Was This When I Was Growing Up?
Money From Porn Ads
Brits Gain Biotech Advantage
Two About Copyright Guru Lawrence Lessig:
Review of His New Book Plus Long Lessig Interview
Article Critical of the Promise of Golden Rice
Terminator Seeds: The Neutron Bomb of Agriculture
Here's Your Damn Possible Human Clone Story
Stunningly Science Fictonal Story About Time Travel
Big Story About Hemp
Former Trekkie is a Commie Punk...Wil Is Thus Permalinked!
(Check Out His Political Links)
Great Story About Wind, Alt Fuel
Why The WTO Doesn't Help The Poor
More Evidence of Global Warming
(If Those Collapsing Antarctic Ice Shelves Aren't Enough For You)
Dem. Leahy Stops Silly Trusted Client Bill In Its Tracks
Two Stories About Journalistic and Literary Censorship
Long Intimidating Footnoted Look At Copyright
Progressives For Cloning Research (Righteous)
Solar Sat Business Gets Funding
American Nuclear Plant Almost Went Critical
Timely Site About The War Between Fundamentalism and Science
More Info About Nanotech Warrior
Collection of Blogs That Look At Blogs
The American Techniban
Space Elevator Plans Are Getting Serious
Kazaa Wins Big Victory Against Recording Industry
Horrific CBDTPA Gets Hollywood House Sponsor
Wired Profile on Giger
Predictable and Justified Kuroshin Anger AT CBDTPA
Yet Another Revolutionary Compression Standard?
Here's Your Damned Cloned Frog Eyes Story
Place to Tell Senate About Anger at CBDTPA
More Details About The Safe Nuclear Fission Industry
Great Read on the Complexity (Impossibility?) of Webcasting
Part Two of Music Biz Screwing
Salon Piece on Difficulties Facing Webcasters
Interesting Architecture for Earthen Homes

Your Collection of Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (Or Otherwise Known As the Anti-Mammal
Dinosaur Protection Act according to Cory Doctorow)

Draft of the Bill At Cryptome
EFF Draft Alert
Consumer Digital Rights Organization Opposition
Predictable Slashdot Wrath
Regulates Software As Well
People Who Hate It Already
House GOP Against It (A Stopped Clock is right...)
The Full Evil It Will Do

In Depth Review of Egan and Baxter's Science Fiction Work
New Science Fiction Slashdot Style Site
Why They Hate Us: Actions of Canadian Multinational
Geekpress, One of the Best Tech Sites Ever, is Back
AOL Gets Significant Victory Against Harlan
Big Globalization Package at American Prospect
P2P Update (From Robot Wisdom)
(Story Doesn't Mention SSSCA As Tactic 2)
Brave Attempt by Native Americans To Grow Hemp (Sue!)
Very Cool No Logo Site
Interesting VR Story (From Orwell Site)
Funny Hitchens Story
Much Needed Digital Rights Organization
How America Does Propaganda Right
Interesting Theory About Crop Duster Terrorist Use
Frightening Yet Plausible Anthrax Scenario
Interesting Blog About The Mideast Conflict
(Features Counterpoint Views. Good idea for Blogs.)
Funny Bush is AWOL Site
Blogdex Which Measures Popular Memes
Yet Another Brilliant Writer I'm Jealous Of
Brilliant Writer's Great Blog (Gawd I hate him...!)
Interesting Sterling/Doctorow Exchange
O'Reilly Network of Tech News
O'Reilly's Blogs


Holographic Projection of Kurzweil (Feeling Future Shocked Yet?)
Big Salon Piece on Futile Copyright Protection Schemes
Investor's Guide to Nanotechnology
Disturbing Reality of Modern Book Contracts
Bizarre Nation Star Trek Piece (Maybe My Politics Are Wrong...)
Very Much Needed International Criminal Court
More on the Silliness of the Drug War
Go Mike Moore Go!
War Policy Probably Backfiring (Really!)
Saint Noam Speaks (In an American Paper No Less)
More On Explicitly Evil SSSCA
Hilarious Fiore Counter to Administration's Drug Ads
China Moves Ahead In Stem Cell Research (Thanks Leon, George Jr)
Village Voice on Cold Fusion
Ex CIA Chief Says What's Wrong With War on Terrorism
How To Steal Software From Computer Stores
Satan Wins or the Rosy Ruthless Future of Microsoft
Speaking of Satan: Glenn Reynolds is Right About This One
Interesting Political Essay By Sci Fi Phenom Greg Egan
Mildly Entertaining Orwell Site
The Future of Military Weaponry
History and Evolution of Corporate Rights


Truly Scary Story of Nuclear Blackmarket in former USSR
Big Rodney Brooks (AI Guy) Piece at Salon
Timely Article on the Roots of Conflict
(From British Medical Journal)
New Tom Tommorow Blog, Undernews Blog
Evidence of New Death Squad Activity
Do Androids Dream of First Amendment Rights (Great Salon Hed)


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Okay, Condy Rice as Xena and Powell as Batman I can buy. But did Rambo fight in the National Guard or get taken down by a Pretzel? What's that "X" for? It certainly can't stand for exceptional...Wasn't Cheney a draft dodger? I don't get it...(From Instapundit Glenn Reynolds...Thank You Son of Satan!)

More Good Lessig Stuff (At George Gilder's Site no less)
Incredible Blu Light Storage Breakthrough
Long California Guitar Trio Concert Online
(Highlights: Mahavishnu tune and Bach(?) from 1st Rollerball)
Insightful John Perry Barlow Interview
Roundup of Recent Nan Stories at Nanotech
Libertarian Party Answers Administration's Pathetic Drug Ads
(Drugs is bad, mmmmkay...!?)
(And it supports terrorists, mmmmkay...?!)
(Legalization and/or decriminalization which would eliminate both the profits and forbidden yet seductive allure aspects of the drug trade won't work...mmmmkay!?)
Anthrax Definitely Homegrown
Peekabooty To Short Circuit Censorship Attempts
Big Shock: Record Companies Compensate Artists Nada For Downloads
Interesting Space/Business Exploration Site 1000 Planets
New Address for Message Board (Angry Pej is back and he's baaaader than eva'...!)
Robert Crumb Does Philip K. Dick
Possible New Age Reducing Drugs (Don't Tell Leon Kass...)
Crazed Angry Pej Has His Own Blog
(The Republicans Are Never Wrong Doncha' Know, Sez So In the National Review...War Is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, etc...Link soon to be seen in Links I'm Ashamed Of)
Rise of The Corporate Theocratic State, Or Fascism
Nuclear Explosion in American City Not Good
Here's Your Damn Cloned Cat Story
Nan Breakthroughs Feature More Practical Products
In fact, First Viable Nan Company Does...Pants?
Great New Pat Metheny Tune
Incredibly Stylish Greg Tate Essay
Nice Rebuttal To Usual Bush Stupidity
Artificial Wombs A Reality?
Cool Missing Matter Site
Bruce Sterling Answers Questions at Missing Matter
An Interesting Story At Tech Central
Yet Another Nan Site
Billionaire Paul Allen Rocks!
It's not Half Bad, Kind of Garage Band Floyd
Mars Simulation Site Begins
Are We Going To Invade The Mideast Before Midterms?
AIDs Cure Via Nanotech?
Good Update on Artificial Currencies
Airforce Plan To Control Weather by 2025
(Insert Your Own Maniacal Bhahaha's Here)

New Politics Site With Lotsa Links
More Stuff About Raise The Fist
Patents Make Gene Research Too Expensive
Perhaps More Heartbreaking Work of Critical Staggering Genius


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(For Uncut Reviews Click Illustration)
Update on Raise The Fist
Alternative Disney Corporate Flags
(Big Shock: Disney Doesn't Like The Corporate Flag)

Very Good Story About Nan Computing (With Childlike Pics..)
Deep Thoughts About Future Biology From SF Writer
Joan Slonczewski
Salon Story About Encryption
New Genetics/Proteomics News Site
Breathtakingly Science Fictional Story About Medical Nanobots
Radical Website "Raise The Fist" Shut Down By Feds
Archived Page At Wayback
3 Big Science Stories: Ultra Wideband, Compression Breakthrough and Possible Zero Point:
Working Zero Point? Has A Working Prototype...!?
Some Debunking At Plastic and Slashdot Screams Faaake!
and Jasker Company Website
(Doesn't Sound As Fake As Youngstown Entropy Machine...Guy Says He's Powered His House Last 17 months From The Machine...)
Perfect Compression? The Implications Mean T1 Lines For Everybody
Company Website (Called Zeosync)
Expanded Cringely On What UWB Means
Update on Photonic Computers
United States Blocks Aid For Global Poor
(Go USA!)
Long Profile of Creatures Creator Steve Grand
Online Copy of Federalist Papers
(From Glenn Reynolds...Thank You Son of Satan!)
Speaking of Glenn: How To Understand Propaganda
John Kerry Plan on Replacing Fossil Fuels
Great Buckminster Fuller Site
Excellent Piece At BF Site About Global Investment VS. Terrorism
Biotech Spider Silk Breakthrough
(Spider Man, Spider Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man)
Very Cool ExoSkeleton Story
(Amazing Power He's Iron Man..)
Interesting Speculation About The Death of Print
Shift Com Online Is Coming Along Nicely Thank You
Review of John Nash's biography (Life isn't like film...)
More Insights Into Lessig's Ideas
Okay I admit it: I found the Swine/Spinach Gene
Transfer Story Disturbing

Must Read Science Fiction for Lefties by Brit Socialist
Candidate/SF Author China Mieville

Interesting New Brit Science Site
SoloTek Accomplishes 19 Second Flight (See Vid Clip)
Europe Unveils Ambitious Plans For Space
Sensible Alternative to War
More Stuff About Evil Enron
Interesting Debate About Mars Direct (Starring My Cousin Tjackso!)
Redford And Soros Create Documentary Fund For Real News
The Dead Engineers Club (From Bruce Sterling)
Club Model For Payment to Blog
(From Virginia Postrel...Thank You Satan!)
Canadian Computer Site
Funny Anti War Essay by Monty Pythoner Terry Jones

Has Bush Done Something Right? (I'm Aghast...)
Vertical Chip Building
Interesting Perspective on Resources and War
Rundown on Pakistan Nukes
Frightening Professional Break-Up Service
(Ever Seen That Movie "The Game"
Statement That Nan Should Benefit World,
Not Just One Nation State
Attempt by China To Become Software Kings
New Energy Source From The Earth's Core
Big Piece On Comics At LA Weekly

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Military Control of the Weather
Electronic Artificial Eyes
Organically Grown Eyes


Your Basic Nuclear Exchange Between
Pakistan and India Links:

Probable Impacts of a Pakistan/India Nuclear Exchange
Overview of Conflict
Probable Attack Zones
Speculation on Fallout
Scary Evolutionary Computing Story
Equally Scary Arpeggio Laced Free Jazz Version of Spain
(By Chick Corea Himself)(Scroll Down)
Afghan Justice
(Here Comes The New Boss, Same As the Old Boss)
Times Top Ten Comics of the Year
(Definitely a Comics Journal, Speigelman leanin' list)
Who's Better: Allan Holdsworth or John McLaughlin?
(Guitar Geeks Only)

Hollywood Vs. The Internet
Funny Bill Griffith Strip
Batch of Eye Opening Stories At Nanodot
Longer Life May One Day Be Possible
Switch For Aging in Worms Found
Year Overview of Nan and Molectronics
Check Out Very Alt Rock Pixies-like Cat Power Video
(Tune I Like Is Called Nude of the News)
Terrifying Fallout From War Against Terrorism
Insightful McChesney Piece on Media Reform
In Related Note: Ten Biggest Media Cartels
Top Ten Science Stories of the Year
Eye Opening Story About Sexual Apartheid in Saudi Arabia
War Between India and Pakistan (Not a good time...)
Great Lessig On Copyright Issues

Music/Vid Clips From Brad Mehldau, Cyress Chestnut, others
Transdimensional Has Inspired a Homebrew Club
Microbes on Europa (Whoa)?
More on Evil Trusted Client Approach to Content Control
High Class Porn Site
Dmitri Released
Decentralize Or Die!
Wired Story on IT
Singularity FAQ
Kurzweil on Future Shock
Detainees May Spread Beyond Arabs (A Good Bet)
Very Cool New Mondo-Like Mag Called Thresher
Brilliant Civil Liberties Flash Cartoon
Animated Dark Knight 2 Teaser
16 Year Old Hacker Author
Profile of This Kid in Shift Online (He's Indian)
Profile of It Or "Ginger" or "Segway"
Courageous Rall in Afghanistan
(I Get Scared Just Watching It On TV)
Insightful Piece About How Russia Won The War
Tech of Trek Part One
Tech of Trek Part Two
The Speech We Wish Bush Would Make
Can Citizens Be Tried by Military Tribunals
Interesting Dissection of GOP Hypocrisy on Birth Control
Scary Progress of Genetic Computing AI
Very Interesting SciFinal New Society (The Venus Project)
Exciting Story About Immune System Booster
How NAFTA Undermines Democracy
Nice Piece About Space Program Problems
A Truly Patriotic Energy Policy
Fascinating Tales of the Underground Economy
Insightful Bruce Sterling Roundup of SF Cliches
Scary Nan/Smart Medicine Breakthrough
Chip Breakthrough
Join The Church of Reality
Church Founder's Guide to Escort Sex
Real Depressing Story or Poor Man's Nukes
(Unknown News Again, Great links...)
Above Link From Remote Viewing Site
Incredible Potential of Offshore Windfarms
More Scary Al Martin Raw on SS Like Homeland Security Agency
Socialist Candidate Fired for Dissenting Views (Some Democracy..)
Freeze Dried Cryonics?
New Yet Slow Road to Mars
New War Could Spur New Space Colony
Bad Things About New Terror Bill That Won't Expire
Devastating Frank Rich Critique on Bush Blunders
Speculation on Failure of Space Program
Fourth Plane Apparently Headed to Three Mile
Info on Holodeck Progress
Original Scary Al Martin Raw on Homeland Security
List of Censored Sites Since War
Sobering Jamie Love (Public Citizen) Piece on Intellectual Property,
Copyright (Slashdot)

FBI Closes Down "Terrorist" Website (Shape of Things To Come?)
Why We Can't Question Our Dependency On Oil
The Mideast Drudge Report
Kneel Before Zod! Kneel Damn You!

A little background information on General Zod.

More Fun With Nuclear Plants
Informative Tale About Money-Laundering
More Stuff About America's New War
More Stuff About Our Undemocratic New Friends
Great Follow The Money Site
(My former Pittsburgh Courier Colleague Robert Moore Works There Now...Didn't I used to have a career too? Ah well...)

Thoughtful Kuro Piece About Content Industry's Lobbying
How Teleportation Works
Funniest Use of Shock Animation I've Seen
(Nice Political Point too...)

Chomsky Speaks! (Still one of the smartest men on Earth..Maybe he could help me build my quantum receiver...)
Crucial 13 Questions To Be Asked About War Policy
Great Flash Cartoon About Peace
More Horror Stuff About SSSCA
Super Fun Pak of Comics With One Punchline
Why P2P Can't Be Stopped
Brilliant High Schooler's Essay Combining Folly of Patriotic Zeal
And Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle
Good Backgrounder on Shaky Pakistan
Good Story On Farming in Space
Long Life Gene Found
The New Science of Systems Biology
Original Charles Platt Piece on Terror Acts, Stem Cell Shenanigans
Rifkin on Possible Biotech Plagues
Interesting New File Sharing Idea
(Not sure if I understand it, but it sounds cool...)
Heavyweight Talk About Science Breakthroughs
Yet Another Stunning Storage Breakthrough
EFF Alert on SSSCA
Did Bin Laden Use Steganography To Hide Messages
Oddly Funny Reason Piece on Response Definitions
Pundit Talk:
Super Journalist Greg Palast
Nice Piece By Rall (A Dave Barry With Teeth)
Journalist Prof Gets In Trouble For Telling It Like It Is
Story About Why We're Hated From....Business Week?
Fearless Onion Comedy
Terrorists Are Surprised They're in Hell
(Very Descriptive Hellish Hell by the way...)
How To Talk To Your Child About the Tragedies
Comprehensive List of Peace Groups
Best Piece Yet On Why We're Hated
Thoughtful Jon Katz on Civil LIberties in Bombing's Wake


warsoapbox2.jpg (155534 bytes)


The Let's Give Peace A Chance Links
Shocked and Horrified
Very On Target Politically Incorrect Transcript
(Assuming Fair Use)
War Criminals In Our Midst
Why We're Hated (I'm Adding the Guardian as a link)
No Dissenting Views Allowed on Big TV Media
(By the way, all the contrary thought I've gotten about what our response
to the bombings should be I've gotten from the net. Even when they ask why they hate us on CNN the answer is always lame like "They're evil" while completely ignoring the very bloody very undemocratic US foreign policy which has caused the death of millions...The net is truly today's counterculture...
My Favorite Porn Page is Patriotic
Dawkins on the Role of Religion In All This Killing
Nuke Plants Make Nice Targets for Terrorists
Yet Another Nuke Story from Pgh PG
Brilliant Cockburn on Bombing
The Civil Liberties War Begins
Great New Instant Pundit Site
(Lot of good commentary about bombings. God this guy is smart
and he types fast...)
Insight About Intelligence Failings
Angry Postrel on the Bombing
(Now thinks Bush Is Unconvincing…Insert Your Own Joke Here)
Good Salon Piece on New Nature of Terrorist War
Jon Katz on the Bombings
Profile On Zero Point Anti-Grav Research
Diabolical And Stratospherically Evil Successor To DMCA
Long Slashdot Rant About Evil Satanic Son of DMCA
Kuro5hin Rant About SSSCA
Harlan Ellison Kicks My Ass! (Virginia Postrel Please Take Notes..)
(You have to search for Shropshire...exchanges buried in the archives.)
New Scott McCloud Site
(Check Out The Two Micropayment Options)

The War Against Napster Has Failed
New Threat to American Airwaves
Suspicions About The New CBS CIA Show
(What? No Visually Arresting School of Americas Death
Squad Training Shots?)
Lists of NAFTA Evils
Are Nefarious Chinese Hackers  Up To Skulldoggery?
Pro Singularity Website (AIs Are Our Friends!)
Artificial Photosynthesis Breakthrough
Possible Broadband Breakthrough
Big Biotech Breakthrough Story
Very Concise 46 Page Jefferson Bible (Sounds About Right..)
Story About Use of ISPs as Net Monitors (Ulp!)
Pure Nepotism Link
Duo of Postrel Stories About Biotech Commission Appointees
Postrel's Picks For The Commission
Reader's Picks For The Commission
Cool New Search Engine (It Lists A Lot of My Message Board Postings!)
Nice AI Efforts (Real, not the movie) Summary Piece
Challengers to Google Search Engine
More Heartbreaking Critical Work of Staggering Genius
Yet Another Green Alt Fuel Story
Good Piece on Potential Data Mining Evil of MS Passport
Real Good Piece on Pirate Wireless Broadband
Wacked Out People Who Dress As Superheroes
Very Half-assed and Dangerous Looking Amateur Jetpack
Lead Website of Crazed Fringe Science Folks
Something We Need: Smart Clothes
Funny Stuff About the Bible (Thank God This Book Helps Determine Science Policy...)
Fascinating Airship Story
Dmitri Out on Bail
Profile on Singularity Guy Vernor Vinge
Interesting Bio-Terror Scenario
Buckyballs Breakthrough
Artificial Attack Peptides (I think)
Alternative Energy Story
Incredible Frank Zappa +
Mahavishnu Project Tribute Bands!
In A Related Hard Fusion Story: Live Allan Holdsworth Webcast
Adobe Switches Position on Dmitry, Release Still in Doubt
Nice Summary of Pros and Cons of Space
Science Story About Incredible Potential of Wind
Good Nerve Essay About Convicted Child Porn Essayist
Good Fallout Analysis about Crazed RIAA vs. Napster
Free Dmitry!
Shocking Arrest of Soviet Cracker
Links to Stories About Shocking Arrest of Soviet Cracker
Compilation of Weird Science Theories
Environmental Slashdot Site
Top Ten Life Extension Drugs
Interesting Big Thinker Cards on the Net
Transdimensional Press Conference Story
Website of Revolutionary FMD CD Storage Company
Yet Another Broadband Breakthrough Over Copper
The Microsoft Dictionary As Written By Orwell
Good Article on the Archaic American Voting System
Stuff About China and Tech Acquisition
Adbusters Corporate Brands Campaign
Has Transdimensional Created Gravity Propulsion?
(Probably not. But it sounds cool...)
Two Artificial Heart Stories, One from Wired, Another from MSNBC
Equally Impressive Story About Restoring Movement to Paraplegics
Story About A Real Reporter

flag372.jpg (23670 bytes)

Happy Doublegood Fourth Proles! Ignorance is Strength! The election was fair and just!

Reason Reportage on Biotech Conference
(Note: Reason is a pro-corporate right-wing source.)
Summary of New Trek Pilot
Pro-Left Argument for Biotech Research
Hilarious Eisneresque Cartoons About Message Board Types
(I think I'm Kung Fu, but others probably think me Palooka...)
Explanation of Cyc (HAL Attempt) Research
Cyc Homepage
Related AI Timeline For When We Will Be Assimilated
Big Newsweek Story on Stem Cell Research
Surprisingly Objective View of How Marijuana Works
Hacker Shapeshifter Gets Screwed by John Law
Cool Peter Kuper Website (Radical Cartoonist)
Terrifying Implications of Global Copyright Law
Update on Freenet and Cryptobox
Winners of Discover's Annual Science Awards
Weekly Broadband Magazine
Profile of Interesting Broadband Entrepreneur
Latest Scott McCloud on Micropayments
Funny Yet Depressing Story About Best Sweatshop Award
Deeply Disturbing Salon Story About Teen's War With School Filters
Spectacular Broadband Breakthrough
Special Nerve Science Fiction Issue
Interview with Fight Club Writer
Ohio Paper Now Comes Daily on CD-Rom
Three Micropayment Efforts: One from Germany, Another From Texas,
Another from New York
Sexy Hot Irish MBA Anti-Globalization Lass
Long Slashdot Rant on teaching Kids Computer Skills
Sincere Yet Crazed Space Entrepreneur
Bush Twins: Mmmm...They're criminally hot!
(Cover up and double standards for the twins?)
Big Blimp Cargo Lifters
Persuasive Pro Wind Piece at Alternet
Study on Economic Power of Multinationals
My Dirty Little Flame War! (Steely Dan vs. Angry Pej!)
More Stuff About Blogs
Pinko Commie Who Likes Globalisation
Interesting Futurist Perspective on Computers, Genetic Coding
Negative View on NASA
Futuristic Mother Box Computers Based on Light
Conservatives Off The Dope War
Scary Feature on the Privatization of Water
Yet Another Heartbreaking Critical Work of Staggering Genius
IBM Pixie Dust Memory Breakthrough
Return of Fascist Action Hero Judge Scalia!
Handy-Dandy List of Non-Profit Science Fronts
Update on How Personal Jetpacks Work
(And Aircars and MAVs)
Interesting Shock Ad Protesting Appalling Bush E Moves
Roundup of Dour Dotcom Documentaries
Check Out Great Voice Front Page Flash-like Ad
Also: Good Voice Piece on Dark Side Genetic Profiling
Great Salon Piece on Ehrenreich's Studs Terkel
Working Poor Adventure
Profile on Ultrawideband Guy
Disturbing Story About Chinese Prisoner Organ Transplants
Top 10 Censored Stories of the Year
Website About All The Fake Promotional AI Websites
(Join the Anti-Robot Militia Now!)
Trio of Nan Stories (Nanodot)
Zyvex Brainiac Conceives Artificial Bacterium Called Microbivore
Engineering Story On Nanotechnology
New Nan/MEMS Site Debuts
Larry Ellison Seeks Fountain of Youth (Geekpress)
100 Days of Bush (DNC Site)
Kurzweil Wins Science Prize and Talks Up New Book
The California Energy and Space Administration (CESA) Ballot Initiative
Short Gibson Speculation on Japan
Silly Quixotic Harlan Suit Against Usenet (Can't You Finish the Last Dangerous Visions Instead?)
Have the Russians Built HAL? (Probably not. Hardly a detail here.)
Attack of the MAV Swarm
Summary of Many Micro Devices
Info on New Generation CD Devices
A Heartbreaking Critical Work of Staggering Genius
Shropshire Vs. Virginia Postrel Smackdown!
Is It News When Jenna Bush Does Pot?
Profile of Commie Solar Home Publishers
Business Week Robot Story
wpe2.jpg (11899 bytes)

ACLU Suit Against Blocking Software
Jaron Lanier Piece on Tele Immersion
Passionate Nation Piece on Sopranos
Interesting Kurzweil website (Also featured in April Wired)
Heated Debate about the GOP Direction of Space
Interesting Debate About Genetics
Long Slashdot Communal Rant About Napster Going Offshore
Novelty of Kamen “It” Device May Be Engine
Brilliant Scott McCloud Comic on Micropayments
Interesting Virginia Postrel Site






Remote Controlled Female Orgasmatron (Oh the power of a Button)
Interesting Profile on Extroprians
Hilarious Dancing Bug Cartoon on Kamen Device
Profile of Dean Kamen, the "It" or "Ginger" Inventor
Cool Anime Like Transforming Robots
Military Working To Create Captain America and/or Iron Man
Cringely Believes $15 Plastic Laptops Around the Corner
CIA Surprising Future Scenarios
Thoughtful Review of the Sixth Day
New Smart Ink On Way to Market
Monty Python's Olympic Hide and Seek Finds GPS Doppelganger
Stunning New 3D Tech Displayed at Comdex
Revolutionary Compressed Air Car Debuts

wpe2.jpg (11899 bytes)
Yet Another Revolutionary Green Wave Fuel
First Ultrawide Demo at Comdex
Somewhat Disturbing Turning Point Anti-Tech Tirades
Intriguing Story About Use of Super Antioxidants in Age Reversal
(Related Link at Nanodot)
Cringley Praises Pay Pal
Cyberpunk Legend John Shirley at Space.Com
Update on Commercial Jetpacks
Moller Skycar Still Waiting for Liftoff
Check Out New Links Common Dreams, Nanodot and Geekpress
Well Written Upside Story About Nantech Company Zyvex
Unreal Story About Grease Fed Van (And Website)
Discover Science Awards
Dawn of the Tiny Microbots--No Bigger Than The Hyphen
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Sealand
(Read related Lazarus Long Piece)
Energy From the Moon
Wild Polymorphic Robot: Precursor to Liquid Metal Terminator?
(Check out scary real video snippet)
Possible Cure for Diabetes?
Make Way For Ultra Wideband
Andromeda Website Proves Series Potential
Army Wants To Create Holodeck/Matrix
Space.Com Now Being Added to Links
Legendary Science Fiction Writer Says SETI Should See, Not Hear
(Part Two of SETI Piece)
Europeans Begin Testing on Artificial Eye
Cool Feed Piece on Evolutionary Software that "Grows"
Intimidating Primer on DNA Computing
New MIT Tech Review Profiles Quantum, DNA and Cell Computing
Holographic Memory May Soon Come on The Scene
NASA Works To Take A Fantastic Voyage
Beware of the Dominion: Wormholes May Be Reality
Massive CNET Wrap Up of Microsoft Verdict
Yet Another Miracle Broadband Technology
Third Parties Make Gains Via Net
Story Questions Role Of Presidential Race in MS Breakup
Great Essay on Sorry State of Space Exploration by Robert Silverberg
Interview With AI Norn Creator Stephen Grand
Toward A Newer Wilder Anonymous Net?
Timely Story About Huge Backbreaking Heft of Tech Mags
Free Higher Ed for Everyone? Will there be Recess?
CMU Profs Like the "Smart Dust"
Cloned Human Embryos Patented in Britain
Paralyzed Man Walks With Aid of Chip
Upside Rebuttal to Joy Anti Tech Manifesto
Yet Another Hard To Believe Laser Based Broadband Breakthrough3/15
Tech Advances Entwined with Porn Business
Confirmed Luddite Jeremy Rifkin Warns Us About Excess Consumerism
Java Creator Bill Joy: Afraid of the Future?
New Look at The Electronic Freedom Foundation
The Real End to Privacy?: Micro Air Vehicles (MAV)
Dying Broadcasters Seek Salvation in Digital TV Super Fast Wireless Net3/10
Microbots Could Be The Future of War and Toys
DNA Patents May Threaten Biotech Research
Bush Toadie and Red Herring Editor Explains the Virtues of Joy (Bill)
Great Piece on the Future of Biotech (Fortune)3/3
Cool Sterling Fiction About 2035 Depression (Fortune)
Persuasive Piece About Amazon's Silly Patent Moves
Revolutionary Magnetic Chips2/25/00
Tales of the Battle Bots
Possibly Frightening/Fruitful Engineered Cell/ChipTechnology
Cool Infinite Clean Fuel Derived from Algae
State of the Art Net Techniques Used by Porn Sites
Interesting Debunking of Engines of Creation